The man caught by light reveals the new notice and analyzes the love truth of the post-90s

 The man caught by light reveals the new notice and analyzes the love truth of the post-90s

Netease Entertainment reported on November 15 that the gold medal screenwriter Dong Runnian directed and wrote the drama. Huang Bo, Wang Luodan, Tan Zhuo, Bai Ke, Huang Lu, Wen Qi, song Chunli, Li Jiaqi, Ding Xihe and LV Xingchen starred. The realist love story blockbuster the man caught by the light starred by Jiao Junyan, Huang Jue, Li Qian and Wang Ju released today a preview of the break of the man left behind. In the notice, white light shines on the city, the lovers are taken away, and a young couple in love, played by Li Jiaqi and Ding Xihe, are left in the city. In the face of the trial of no love, their emotions also collapsed, and finally seemed to break completely because of love. Its hard to argue between love and non love. After the white light, can you prove true love? And other related topics once became the hot topic of the audience.

Love lovers accept the judgment of dont love and break up their emotions. Its the right thing to leave. The test of true love

Recently, the film the man captured by light has released several the man left behind series previews, and the relationships and emotional disputes between the four pairs of characters left by white light have been shown one by one. In the latest the break of people left behind by light preview, the self certification problem of love between young couple Liu Jiayi (Li Jiaqi) and Wang Yang (Ding Xihe) has aroused the attention of many audiences again. After the white light came to the city, the people who loved each other disappeared one after another, only those who left were right became the only standard to test the true love in Liu Jiayis heart. As for Wang Yang, the emergence of white light makes his love face the crisis of rupture, and the trust of his lover disappears. No matter what he does, it is wrong in Liu Jias eyes, even though he shouted to his lover I really love you!! I can die for you! And still cant prove their love to each other.

The discussion about human nature and emotion in the movie the man caught by light has always been a hot topic among netizens. Different role relationships and emotional conflicts have aroused different reflection on real love among different groups. This new notice shows the emotional anxiety of young couples after the light to the audience, setting off a wave about is the love of contemporary young people really as solid as the surface? After the heated discussion on the topic, netizens expressed their expectation for the movie.

Realistic themes focus on contemporary emotional issues, gold medal writers, powerful actors and actresses double blessing to create the best film of the year

As one of the rare realistic topic blockbusters in China, the film the man caught by light has attracted the attention of netizens since it was put on file. It has been hotly discussed on such professional film scoring platforms as cats eye, taopiao, Douban, etc., and it has become one of the most expected films in the near future. Through the novel concept of white light, the film shows the audience a variety of practical problems existing in the current society, when everything seems calm, suddenly suffering from external impact, will life be as usual stable? This not only perplexes every character in the film, but also becomes everyones perplexity in real life. To this end, more and more netizens began to pay attention to the film, and were interested in the film about the setting of white light takes the lovers away. Some viewers said: there is always another truth behind the things that are often passed down by mouth for all the population.

In addition to the high-quality story line to attract the audience, the main creative lineup of people captured by light provides another layer of absolute quality assurance for the audiences expectation of watching movies: the gold medal screenwriter Dong Runnian has compiled and directed himself, and the powerful actors Huang Bo, Wang Luodan, the goddess of vitality, Tan Zhuo in charge of quality, as well as the joining of white guest, Huang Lu, Wen Qi and other screen celebrities. No matter in content or acting, the film is of high quality. Many viewers call it the most powerful opponent of other films in the new years festival!

The film the man caught by the light will be released nationwide on December 13.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)