PS4 the direction of light and dark in the dragon of man

 PS4 the direction of light and dark in the dragon of man

u25b2 shackle ability value screen

In the partners ability value screen, you can understand the status of the fetters between each character and spring day.

u25a0 introduce some ways to improve fetters

u00b7Go to the entertainment place together to enhance the fetters

Some places of entertainment can go to play with partners, so as to enhance the fetters. For example, the new entertainment venue Masterpiece Theater can watch movies with its partners. If you choose the films that your partners will like, you can increase your fetters at one go.

u00b7Eating together increases fetters

When dining in Yokohamas restaurant, if the food is properly matched with the order, it will trigger a special dining conversation event with the partner, which is called banquet conversation. As long as we let this kind of dining conversation happen, we can further enhance our fetters.

Please enjoy the colorful Yokohama district with your friends, and enhance the fetters through banquet conversation.

u25a0 side story fetters theater after fetters

As the fetters between them become more and more close, a side story fetters theater will be unfolded to depict their human nature. By increasing their fetters, they will trust chunri and reveal their unknown past, troubles or current problems to chunri.

If we can put ourselves in a position to listen to what they say and solve their troubles or problems smoothly, we can greatly increase the ability of our partners.

u25a0 after increasing the fetter, you can learn the strong cooperative move fetter skill

Completing the fetter theater to increase the fetter between chunri and his partner to the limit will enable him to learn a powerful cooperative attack move, called

Its tripping technique.

The content and effect of tripping skill vary according to partners, each of which can be called a top-notch and powerful unique skill in the game. Please use it effectively

Tripping skill, defeat the strong enemy and the strongest leader in front.

u25b2 tripping skill, the essence of catching and beating behind is to use the bat to launch a strong attack after the back catching is performed by foot. Its a hard hit to dodge

u25a0 what is dragon of man 7

This is the dramatic RPG of the latest series of dragon of man. The story tells the story of the new protagonist, chunri, climbing up with his companions in the new stage Yokohama yishizomuyirending and defeating the powerful villains. Players can experience the fiery human drama. Including the unprecedented stage, the dynamic command RPG battle formed by the integration of the dry frame action and the RPG selection command system cultivated in the dragon of man series of works, etc., this work has realized the game component and revolutionary evolution of the 15th anniversary of the series, please be sure to look forward to it.

u25a0 what is the dragon of man series

Based on the basic concept of adult oriented entertainment works, it was born in 2005. Describe the blood in the red light district

Men about love, love, betrayal The way to survive. It presents a realistic modern Japan that has not been described in depth in the past Games, and has become a series of works with a total shipment of 12 million pieces.

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