The largest amphibious landing training in China

 The largest amphibious landing training in China

According to Kyodo News Agency on November 14, Japans defense ministry, which has stepped up the island defense, announced on November 14 that ships of the marine self defense force, known as the Japanese version of the Marine Corps, the Marine Mobile corps and the maritime self defense force, had landed on the island of Kagoshima Prefecture, seed island. Between November 11 and 21, about 1500 people participated in the training, which is the largest amphibious combat training so far. According to analysis, the move is intended to curb Chinas efforts to strengthen its activities in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Schematic diagram of seed island in Kagoshima county (Google map)

From Kagoshima Prefecture to Okinawa Prefecture, the westernmost part of Japan, and the 1000 kilometer long South West islands of nagoyama, the report said, had been a blank area for defense. In order to counter Chinas marine activities, the Ministry of defense deployed land self forces in March this year on Amami Island, Kagoshima County, and gonggu Island, Okinawa County, to strengthen defense.

The training on the 14th envisaged the enemy landing on the outlying island. Confirmed the following process, the amphibious armored vehicle aav-7 was sent from the rear of the sea self transport ship Guodong by the water and land mobile group, which aroused the waves to approach the island and board the beach.

Bai genmian, commander of Minesweeper group and commander of haijiangbu (equivalent to major general of Navy), told the media: in the operation of island areas, the comprehensive use of land, sea and air becomes important, so this training is of great significance. It will improve its comprehensive application capacity and safeguard Japans peace and security.

Chinas foreign ministry has repeatedly said that Chinas position on the Diaoyu Islands issue is clear and consistent. Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been Chinas inherent territory since ancient times. No matter what Japan says or does, this fact cannot be changed.

Source: responsible editor of observer network: Wang Xuyu b12062