Ukraines foreign minister said Kiev may withdraw from the Minsk agreement

 Ukraines foreign minister said Kiev may withdraw from the Minsk agreement

China News Agency, Nursultan, November 14, Kiev news: the situation in eastern Ukraine shows signs of easing recently, and the summit of Normandy model of the four countries of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France is expected to be held, but the statement of 14 Ukrainian foreign minister on Kiev may withdraw from the Minsk agreement makes the relevant process produce new variables.

Picture: President Zelinski of Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in eastern Ukraine, the Minsk agreement has been regarded as the largest common denominator of all parties. The OSCE said that the Minsk agreement is irreplaceable in resolving the conflict in the eastern region of Ukraine, and Moscow also believes that this is an irreplaceable basic document. Former president of Ukraine Boris henko has repeatedly said that the Minsk agreement must be adhered to to to solve the Ukraine problem.

According to Ukrainian independent news agency, Ukraines foreign minister priestyko announced in an interview with the media on the 14th that Kiev has the possibility of withdrawing from the Minsk agreement. If the Normandy model summit of four countries fails to achieve results, Ukraine will withdraw from the Minsk agreement.

Pristeko said his statement may upset his Western partners, but the Minsk deal is of no value to Ukraine.

He explained that the Minsk agreement only played an important role in the first year, and that there was little to be said after that. If it no longer works, just drag us into a fruitless process, then sooner or later Ukraine will make a decision to withdraw from the Minsk agreement..

As for whether to withdraw or not, pristyco pointed out that everything depends on the Normandy model four nation summit in the future. If the summit fails to make any progress in resolving the crisis in eastern Ukraine, it will certainly make people doubt the peace under the framework of Minsk agreement.

In addition, according to Interfax news agency, pristeko also said that Ukrainian President zlanski hopes the Kremlin can give a clear statement and what exactly do you want Ukraine to do?.

In June 2014, on the occasion of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing, the French side invited the leaders of Russia, Germany and Ukraine to consult for the first time on the situation in Ukraine in Normandy. The last Normandy model summit was held in Berlin, Germany, in 2016. (end)

Source: responsible editor of China News Network: Wang Xuyu b12062