British general says Russian behavior will lead to World War

 British general says Russian behavior will lead to World War

Moscow asked London to explain the provocative remarks of the British general, the Global Times reported In an interview with the BBC, Nicholas Carter, Britains defence chief, said that although Russia may not wish to wage war in the traditional way, its reckless behavior and disrespect for international law may lead to a global conflict similar to the first World War in 1914, Russia News Agency reported. Russias embassy in the UK delivered a diplomatic note to the British Foreign Ministry on Tuesday on Carters provocation, suggesting that it explain to Russia and the public whether Carters statement represents the official position of the British government.

Carter, the top commander of the British army, stressed that Russias policy could lead to a military response from Britain, the report said. Because Russias assistance to Syrian government and African humanitarian projects poses a risk to British security comparable to military attacks. For example, 10 Russian submarines passed through Britain, Iceland and Greenland in October. According to Norway, their mission is to prove that Russia can strike the east coast of the United States if necessary. Some analysts believe that this is Britains attempt to cover up the difficulties brought about by its brexit under the guise of Russia.

The Russian Embassy said in a statement that Russia has been taking legal actions, such as assisting the Syrian government in combating terrorism and implementing humanitarian projects in Africa, TASS Daily said. However, General Carter took these as security threats to Britain, which are equivalent to the risk of military attacks. He also wrote in British media that the reckless acts of Russia, China and Iran and their disrespect for international law may lead to a sharp deterioration of the international situation, or accidents leading to bloody conflicts similar to those in 1914. In response, the Russian Embassy said: it is not normal to hear such remarks from the top commander of the British army. This is the consistent performance of some British forces, who have set up the image of Russia as a hostile country in the UK.

Carter has made many anti Russian comments since he became the chief of the British Defense staff in June 2018. He has publicly declared that the main threat to Britain at present comes from Russia and China, which increases the pressure on Britain in the field of information. Britain has been forced to be in a state of war, and it is impossible to remain silent on such aggression. His remarks were refuted by Russia. (Liu Yupeng)

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