Lippis speech at the conference: leaving ahead of time but falling down with one foot in the air

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[most embarrassing press conference] Lippi quit and left first (source: Netease sports)

From the live video, Lippi was very angry when he came to the press conference. After he finished speaking, he got up and left, leaving an ignorant translator and media.

Lippi said: I dont want to talk about this game. A team should go all out when it comes to the field, and the managers deployment should be carried out. If the players are afraid on the field, without morale, desire and courage, they cant kick out what I train, this is the responsibility of my manager. Although we beat the weak teams such as the Maldives of Guam, when we meet the stronger team, they can play better and more organized than us. My annual salary is very high. I take full responsibility for this loss. Now I declare my resignation

When Lippi got up to leave, he almost fell.

Source: Netease sports Author: Hua man editor in charge: Li Siming u00b7 bjs2696