Liao media: Baths data decline this season is obvious. Xinjiang and Liao are proving the battle

 Liao media: Baths data decline this season is obvious. Xinjiang and Liao are proving the battle

For Buss, the match with Xinjiang on the 15th is a good chance to get his name right. Buss didnt play well against Xinjiang team in the semi-final last season. There was a reason that Liaoning mens basketball team needed Buss to take into account position 4 and position 5 at the same time, which led to his incompetence. With the return of Han Dejun in the new season, Busss pressure on the defensive side has been greatly reduced. Whether he can maintain a high efficiency on the offensive side will largely determine the victory and defeat of the liaojiang war.

In the last three games, Buss (the ball holder) has recovered significantly. Photographed by our reporter Sun Haitao

In the semi-finals with Xinjiang team last season, Buss fell into an unprecedented predicament since joining CBA. In the face of Stokes, who is taller, stronger and younger than him, buss is in the downwind in an all-round way, which makes liaolans hope of holding the inner line dashed. After that, the argument about whether liaolan needed to replace foreign aid was endless. Facing Xinjiang team again, if we can find the lost face in the confrontation with Stokes, it will be Baths most powerful counterattack against the outside world.

Perhaps because of the decline of physical function due to the age growth, the data decline of bath this season is very obvious, both the average score and the hit rate, have created the lowest value since joining Liaoning basketball team. In the home game with Zhejiang Guangxia team, Buss scored only 10 points in 4 of 11 shots. In the away match with Guangdong team, although buss scored 20 points, he only made 5 15 shots of two-point goal, which gave the opponent a lot of counter attack opportunities with low efficiency. In the recent three consecutive wins of Liaoning basketball team, baths state has obviously rebounded, and the shooting hit rate is more than 60%.

Especially in the match with Nanjing Tongxi team on the 12th, when the third quarter of the other sides three foreign aid continued to cut points, it was buss who helped the team to hold the score with 7-for-7 performance, which led to the big counterattack at the end of Liao basketball.

Busss technical characteristics determine that Liao basketball can only regard him as the end of the inner line, and his attack efficiency is particularly important. In the face of Zhou Qi and Stokes leading the Xinjiang team, bass is very difficult to attack, and the Zhongtou will be his main scoring means. If liaolan wants to go away, Busss performance will be a key factor.

Source: responsible editor of Liaoning Daily: Ma bile, ns4800