Liao media: hold down the luxury inner line of Xinjiang, Liao LAN is expected to conquer Hongshan

 Liao media: hold down the luxury inner line of Xinjiang, Liao LAN is expected to conquer Hongshan

After five rounds of CBA league matches, Xinjiang team became the only team that remained unbeaten. On November 15, Liaoning mens basketball team will challenge the leaders in the away games. For Liaoning basketball team, the result of this game is of course important, more important is to test the running in degree of the lineup by fighting with the strong team.

After a bad start, liaolan has won three consecutive games in the near future. With the ranking, it also has the confidence of the players. At present, Aaron Guo is stepping out of the psychological shadow caused by the world cup of mens basketball, and Stephenson is also trying to integrate into the team with a very positive attitude. In the last match with Nanjing Tongxi team, he Tianju made 4-for-5 shots out of the three-point line, indicating that Liaoning basketball teams three-point ball feel is warming up. All these are very positive signals.

However, its not enough to win over Xinjiang. Compared with Liaoning basketball team, the advantages of Xinjiang team are mainly reflected in two aspects: first, their main lineup is basically unchanged, saving the time cost of running in; second, Xinjiang teams internal strength is the best league, although compared with the semi-final match of the two sides seven months ago, Liaoning basketball team welcomed Han Dejun back, but Xinjiang team has more Zhou Qi.

Even if Han Dejun is able to play a brave role and offset Zhou Qi in the data of scoring and rebounding, Stokes, fan Ziming and Yu Changdong are obviously more powerful than the combination of bath, Li Xiaoxu and he Tianju. Not to mention Xinjiang team also has a strong physical fitness abrudo shalamu. In the match on the 15th, if the inner players of Liaoning basketball team can play superbly and suppress the luxury inner line of Xinjiang team, Liaoning basketball team will have the chance to conquer Hongshan stadium. If the inner line is in the downwind, Liaoning basketball team will face a difficult choice, which is the focus of defense? Because Xinjiang team is one of the teams with high three-point shooting rate in CBA.

It can be imagined that in the match on the 15th, Xinjiang team will make full use of their strengths to create one-on-one opportunities. In this case, Liaoning basketball team must have some choices in defense, clear defense focus, or resolutely do not pack, rather put the opponent to the basket for singles, also do not give the opportunity of outside line vacancy; if we decide to pack, we should speed up the rotation speed of defense, at least form interference when the other team shoots. What we fear most is grasping the eyebrows and beard. We want to help defend the inner line, but the rotation speed of the outer line cant keep up with that of the other side, which will inevitably lead to the dilemma of dilemma. Liaoning basketball team has been eliminated by Xinjiang team in the playoffs for two times, which is the main reason.

On the whole, Liaoning basketball team, which has not yet completed the running in, has a certain gap with Xinjiang team in overall strength, so it is very difficult to withdraw from the devils home. Liaoning basketball needs to do is to spell the first, play a high-quality game, if the content of the game can make people satisfied, can win or not in the second place.

Source: responsible editor of Liaoning Daily: Ma bile, ns4800