Im not very well, but Im very good

 Im not very well, but Im very good

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C Luo knee discomfort? Portuguese media are worried about his physical condition. In an interview before the game, however, Ronaldo reassured reporters: let me tell you something about the front page headline level. My physical condition is not very good, but very good Ronaldo didnt talk big. He was in good shape. He scored his 55th hat trick in his career against Lithuania.

At the pre match press conference, Portuguese coach Santos refuted sari, who claimed that Ronaldo was in perfect condition. At the end of the game, Santos again talked about Ronaldos physical condition: is Ronaldo wearing a hat? Its not surprising. Theres always a lot of noise around Ronaldo. I said before the game that Ronaldo is in good shape, he will do nothing to surprise me, I am not surprised at all

Last weekend, Ronaldo was replaced in 55 minutes against AC Milan. But four days later, he scored a hat trick against Portugal. Is Ronaldo injured? From his and Santos statements, the answer seems to be No. Why does Sari often replace Ronaldo in advance? Now the pressure is all on the coach of Juve

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