Xinhua News Agency: the top coach is the castle in the air, Chinese football still needs to work hard

 Xinhua News Agency: the top coach is the castle in the air, Chinese football still needs to work hard

Chinese football has encountered such familiar scenes many times. It seems that it is always after stepping into the same river again that it remembers that it has been a place where it has lost its strength.

Lippis parting words are cruel and true - China can still win against weak teams such as Maldives and Guam. Once they meet slightly stronger opponents such as the Philippines and Syria, they dont know how to play.

How many times have we blamed the loss on the failure of the head coach, the unsmooth management system of the national team, the poor logistics support and other reasons? But when we invited the world cup champion head coach, the national team management adopted the head coach responsibility system, gave the first-class international logistics support, and even opened the door of Naturalization for the first time, the result was still disappointing.

Its no fault to make the best of all aspects of the national team, but the lack of Chinese football talents and the weakness of the system, the core of which, turn all peripheral work into a castle in the air.

Let go of fantasy! We have to admit that this is the true embodiment of Chinas football strength. We cant expect a big coach and several domesticated players to carry the national football into the world cup.

Ask yourself, after the reform of Chinese football, how many departments and people have achieved success regardless of the short-term gains and losses, but for a long time?

After a long sigh, Chinas football needs to be really hard-working, with the ability to sit on the bench for ten or even 20 years. According to the guidance of the spirit of foot reform, we should expand the football population, improve the youth training system and promote the market-oriented reform of the professional league.