Chinas womens basketball teams promotion to the Olympic Games is blocked. We have to fight for life and death again

 Chinas womens basketball teams promotion to the Olympic Games is blocked. We have to fight for life and death again

The womens basketball team encountered the South Korean team.

But then followed by two consecutive mistakes, the South Korean team seized the opportunity to fight back, the Chinese team 80-81, 1 point difference, encounter the second stage of the Olympic qualification competition.

In the whole game, the Chinese team made frequent mistakes. Xu Limin, the head coach, told the team members at the last pause, you need to adjust, you need to play with the strength of the young people. Now you cant see the sense of vitality.

Even he shouted to the players, blame me for losing! But they also failed to let the team off the burden

There are still two games left for New Zealand and the Philippines. If the Chinese womens basketball team wants to break through from the second stage of the Olympic qualification competition, it must ensure that the remaining two games strive to win all, so as to ensure that the top two teams will participate in the third stage of the Olympic qualification competition, the final qualification competition, which will be held in February next year.

All the main players went to war, but there were 18 mistakes

In the Asian cup of womens basketball held at the end of September, Chinas womens basketball team lost to Japan by only 3 points in the absence of many main players, and won the second place in the Asian Cup. At the same time, it was easy to break through the first stage of the Olympic Qualification trials.

A month and a half later, in the second stage of the competition, Li Meng, Wang Xuemeng, sun mengran and other main players all returned, and Huang Sijing also recovered from injury. The outside world is very optimistic about the prospects of the second stage selection of Chinese womens basketball team.

However, in the first match against South Korea, the performance of the Chinese team is hardly satisfactory.

There is park Zhixiu, a new star in the WNBA, and Jin Danfei, the main front line of the 2014 Asian Games champion. Under the leadership of the two men, the South Korean team showed full attacking power from the beginning. Although they were at a disadvantage in height, they used their speed advantages many times and quickly shifted the ball to find the wrong position to play alone, leading the Chinese womens basketball team by nearly 10 points in half time.

On the contrary, Li Meng, Huang Sijing, Li Yueru and others all set off a small climax of scoring in turn. Han Xu tried to score points by making fouls on the free throw line in spite of his poor hand, but the whole team made as many as 18 mistakes, which became the biggest reason for the loss of the Chinese team in the whole game.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Chinese team hit a 7-0 scoring climax, once the difference was close to 3 points, but in the following two defensive rounds, the Chinese team exposed the problems of poor communication between the players on the field and lack of awareness of coordination among the internal players, which once again made the South Korean team easily open the score.

The live broadcast shows Xu Limins helplessness. Xu Limin didnt pick up the tactical board after calling for a pause, but frowned and shouted, you need to adjust, you need to play the power of the young people, now you cant see the feeling of vitality...

Im the one who lost! Im the one who lost! Xu Limins continuous shouting still failed to wake up the team members, and the final result of the defeat could only be digested by the team members.

Entering the final qualification, Chinese womens basketball team fell into passivity

An unexpected defeat dampened the enthusiasm of the outside world for the confidence of Chinese womens basketball team.

To decide whether the Chinese team can enter the third stage of the final qualification match, the second stage Asian region preliminary competition Chinese womens basketball team must achieve the first two results of the group.

According to the group, China and New Zealand, South Korea and the Philippines are in group A. according to the plan, the biggest opponent of Chinas womens basketball team was New Zealand. After all, in the Asian Cup group match, China and New Zealand had encountered a battle, and the scene was once very anxious. The second stage of the match is at home in New Zealand. The team originally called the match against New Zealand the most difficult match for Chinese womens basketball team.

At the same time, Xu Limin also said before the game that according to the different opponents in the group match, they have carried out targeted training.

We are also going to play another teaching match with New Zealand, which is internal rather than open. The team can get the chance to adapt to the time difference, the climate and the rhythm and atmosphere of the last game before the match, and at the same time go to investigate the players.

Chinese womens basketball team must control its own destiny.

But now, after losing to South Korea, the Chinese team has fallen into a passive position in the key period of competing for Olympic qualification. Only when the Chinese team has won all the remaining two games with New Zealand and the Philippines, can it ensure that it can get the first two results of the group smoothly. Otherwise, if we lose another game, the abyss will be behind the Chinese team.

Of course, in terms of hard power, it may not be necessary to be so pessimistic.

In the Asian Cup, the Chinese womens basketball team just beat New Zealand 67-44, while against the Philippines, the Chinese team won 104-57. As long as they play their normal strength, it is not difficult to win two games in full.

Even a big plus is that the average age of the Chinese team is only 24 years old, which undoubtedly ensures that the team will have more physical guarantee in key games and key periods.

For such a situation, Xu Limin is not unprepared, lacking many main players to play for the first half of the year. At this time, the lineup is complete, Im very pleased, but whether 1 + 1 is equal to or greater than 2 still needs efforts.

We should not only be confident to complete the task of qualification competition, but also be prepared for difficulties, and be prepared for a long-term war and a bitter battle...

Facing New Zealand at noon on the 16th, the Chinese womens basketball team should not lose.

Source: surging news Author: Yu Bo, editor in charge: Ma bile, ns4800