Lin Zhilings wedding is on the way. Tainan Municipal Government presents 12 local specialties as dowries

 Lin Zhilings wedding is on the way. Tainan Municipal Government presents 12 local specialties as dowries

According to Hong Kong media, Lin Zhiling and Akira will hold a wedding ceremony in Tainan, father Lins hometown, on Sunday, November 17. The venue is the first gallery in Tainan with a history of 100 years. Although the two newcomers want to keep a low profile, they are still attracted by the outside world.

Yesterday (November 14), Lin Zhilings wedding banquet wedding invitation and hand ceremony also came to light. In the invitation, Lin Zhiling wrote: we are married, holding the hand of our son to grow old with him, hoping that everyone who believes in love and you can have their own happiness. At the back of the painting is also a small love with the signature of Liangping and Zhiling.

The wedding ceremony was packed in wooden boxes and Japanese yokumoku brand was selected to show her respect for her Japanese husbands family. In addition, the words of love are specially printed on the wooden box to share the joy with you. At the same time, they also attached a close photo of the couple. In the picture, Lin Zhilings little bird hugs her husband, very happy!

Media learned from insiders that there will be no best man and bridesmaid for the wedding, and the layout will be simple. Besides Cai Kangyong and Xiao s, friends Huang Zijing and Wang Lihongs wife Li Lianglei will also attend the Tainan wedding to witness the happy moment. In addition, Huang Bo, a friend of Lin Zhiling, was also invited to the wedding, but unfortunately, she couldnt go there because she didnt have time to apply for relevant documents.

As for the wedding ceremony, Huang weizhe, mayor of Tainan, also pointed out in an interview that the municipal government will prepare dowry ox cart (the synonym of dowry ox cart) as a gift to Lin Zhiling, including 12 In addition to traditional pancakes, there are also silk quilt and pillow in Xiaying, longan dried in Dongshan, Dongfeng wax gourd sugar, seven strands of color salt, Jiali burdock, Xinhua soy sauce, Longqi bamboo charcoal (firewood), houbi champion rice and Liujia Yueguang rice, Xigang and Shanhua sesame oil, nanximei vinegar, Xigang rush pack and rush rush, etc. Its full of young children, sweet honey, etc

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655