16 European Cup scenario reappearance: U17 World Cup group reach the third final! Will fight Brazil

 16 European Cup scenario reappearance: U17 World Cup group reach the third final! Will fight Brazil

In the 29th minute, Holland scored first but was blown away. In the front of the gate scuffle, Mexican goalkeeper Eduardo Garcia held the ball with both hands, while Dutch striker uval put the ball into the net from Eduardo Garcia. The referee thought that uval crashed into the goalkeeper and the ball was blown off.

In the 74th minute, Holland broke the deadlock. Meilaro Bogardes left baseline in the penalty area broke through the cross, and reguel pushed forward to break the goal. Melaro Bogardes uncle is former Dutch international Bogarde, who has played in Barcelona, Chelsea and other giants.

Five minutes later, Mexico equalised. The substitute came out for only 6 minutes when he shot a free kick from the top of the arc in the forbidden area of Avram Alvarez. The ball crossed the wall and flew into the dead corner on the left side of the goal.

Victor Guzman of Mexico made a steady penalty in the sixth round of penalty

Dutch Reggae conceded a penalty

The two sides could not break the goal any more, and the game finally entered the penalty shoot out. In the first five penalties, the two sides drew 3-3. In the sixth round, Mexican midfielder Victor Guzman took the lead, steadily pushing the ball into the lower right corner. Reggie, who scored for Holland, then stood 12 yards, his push angle too far to be saved by the goalkeeper. While the Mexican team was celebrating, regle put his shirt on his head and lay on the lawn.

The Mexican team, who has successfully reached the final, is the biggest black horse in this world youth competition. In the group game, Mexico only ranked third in group F. After entering the knockout game, Mexico eliminated Japan and South Korea by 2-0 and 1-0. In the semi-finals, Mexico knocked out the European champion Holland 12 yards ago. Mexicos progress in this world cup is similar to that of Portugal in the 2016 European Cup. At that time, Portugal also qualified as the third in the group and also had to face the favourites in the final. Three years ago, Ronaldo led the team to win over France. Can the Mexican players win over Brazil this time?

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