Nandu: Chinese football is rejected by Lippi and cant accept the team with no fighting spirit

 Nandu: Chinese football is rejected by Lippi and cant accept the team with no fighting spirit

As a result, it was natural to lose and Syria deserved the win. Just as everyone was ready to accept the defeat, take out the calculator as usual, and calculate all kinds of possibilities for the national football team to qualify, Lippi suddenly stopped working.

At the press conference, he asked in astonishment to resign from the post of national football manager. According to his translation, Lippi said: my annual salary is very high, I take this responsibility. I declare my resignation as head coach.

But a reporter who knew Italian gave a translation closer to Lippis original meaning. If I represent such a team, I dont want to steal money. I make a lot of money. I dont want to steal it. Now I declare my resignation, and the decision is irrevocable.

Lippi returned twice, and the cooperation with the Chinese Football Association took a flexible way. The length of his contract is directly related to how far the national football team can go in this world preliminaries. If the national football team finally reaches the Qatar world cup, he should lead the team.

Its not the end yet, and the national football team still has a chance to play in the last 12, but Lippi said he didnt want to do it, and its not for fun, and he wont accept consolation. Lippi can stay at the national football team and get the a lot of money he should earn, but he doesnt want to dont want to steal money - you are incurable, I cant cure it.

Lippi and the national football team broke up twice, and finally they all felt unhappy and separated. Savoring carefully, there is a kind of deep disappointment behind it.

He asked for his team, but found that the team could not meet their expectations. Lippi cant accept the team in his own name, so vulnerable, so humble.

He has put his goal no lower. Our goal is to qualify. If we cant be the first in the group, we can be the second in the group.. But the content of the game clearly broke his inner last line of defense.

Its not that he cant lose, but according to Lippi after the game, the players are afraid on the field, have no fighting spirit, cant pass continuously, cant play the content of practice. Thats what he really cant accept.

With a team like this, there is no future. So he chose not to see the final result. Its clear that Chinese football has played the role that was detested.

Lippi gave up Chinese football, but Chinese football cant give up on itself. However, Lippis return to office for the second time seems to prove repeatedly that Chinese football is not a world-famous coach that can be saved, nor can domesticated players.