Liao media: Xinjiangs lineup hardly has a short board

 Liao media: Xinjiangs lineup hardly has a short board

Tonights game will focus on whether Stephenson can solve the problem. Photo by cha Jinhui, reporter of Liaoshen Evening News and Liaoshen client

In the playoffs last season, Liaoning basketball team was eliminated by Xinjiang team with an absolute advantage. Although Han Dejuns absence from the team due to injury damaged the overall strength of Liaoning basketball team, it is undeniable that Xinjiang team has certain advantages in the overall thickness of the lineup. Moreover, Xinjiang team is also a team that has done well in the lineup balance in the League at present. There is almost no short board in every position. Such lineup strength also makes them win five consecutive games since the start, occupying the top of the points list.

In the face of such a strong opponent, Liaoning basketball team want to win away, it must be difficult. However, for Liaoning basketball, the win or loss of the game is not the most important. In the face of the old opponent who played seven times last season, Liaoning basketball needs to take advantage of this opportunity to test whether its lineup adjustment this year has achieved the desired effect, and what is the gap compared with the opponent.

Can junior brother join us to solve the weakness

Last season, Liaoning basketball team was at a loss in the face of the tall forward of Xinjiang team, and even had to use Guo Allen, who has the best ability on the guard line, to top position 3 to defend abdushalamu, who is half higher than himself. In fact, the weak front line has been the problem of Liaoning basketball team for many years. Although they can use the three guard lineup to resolve some of the pressure, but in the more intense playoffs, this kind of fatal weak front will be caught by the opponent and targeted.

Liaolan itself is also very clear about this problem, which is why they bid farewell to Hudson this season and found Stephenson who can play in positions 2 and 3. That is to help the team make up for the weakness in position 3 through the adjustment of foreign aid.

But in the past few rounds of matches, on the one hand, Stevenson and the team are still in the running in stage, on the other hand, because several opponents do not have the kind of tall and large-scale strong front line, so we can not see that Stevenson can help liaolan solve the problem of front line defense very well for a while.

Tonights opponent Xinjiang team, in the front line position can be said to be talented, and generally tall and strong, in the last seasons game let Liaos defense suffered. So for Stephenson, it will also be a new challenge. Depending on his physical strength and defensive experience, can he better help liaolan resist the impact from the flank.

Can the return of Korea activate bath

In last seasons match, because Han Dejun was injured and absent, the number of Liaoning basketball teams rotation in the inner line was reduced, and the overall height was also more vulnerable, which made them suffer from the attack and defense at both ends of the inner line.

Especially for foreign aid Buss, it can be said to be the most difficult round of series. Because Busss original characteristic is that he needs to have Han Dejun in the inner line as a check, and then he can use the middle distance shooting to open the space to score; he can also use Han Dejuns cover to directly attack the basket by relying on the impact in a short distance.

But in the absence of Han Dejun, the lack of bass height is completely exposed. The tall defense line composed of Xinjiang teams local players is enough to cause no small interference to Basss shooting, let alone the younger and stronger Stokes, which is enough to comprehensively suppress Basss performance in the match.

Now, the two teams meet again. Han Dejun is back from injury in Liaoning basketball team, but the strength of Xinjiang team is greatly increased due to Zhou Qis joining in, and the overall height of the inner line is still obviously in the upper hand. In such a situation, how buss will perform is crucial.

If he can give full play to his offensive ability when Han Dejun rushes into the basket, it will be a great help to liaolan; but conversely, if he is still completely suppressed by the opponent as last season, Im afraid that liaolan will definitely fall into the downwind in the fight for the inner control.

Can outside pitchers open up space

In the face of the Xinjiang team, which is superior in height, Liaoning basketball team is still in the downwind in rebounding. Up to now, Xinjiang team is the best rebounding team in the league this season, with 56.8 rebounds per game, almost 10 more than Liaoning basketball team ranked sixth in the league.

The protection ability of this kind of rebounds also shows that the other side is extremely strict in guarding the inner line. It is undoubtedly more difficult to break through the inner line frequently to attack the basket. So for liaolan, whether the outside pitcher can open the space is particularly important.

From the back of last season, Liaoning basketball teams three-point projection is actually in a downward trend, which also causes them to spend too much in the inner line and play very hard. Just at the beginning of this season, they lost Cong Mingchen, the most important pitcher in the team, because of injuries, which makes liaolan in the lower reaches of the League at present, whether in the number of shots per three-point game or in the hit rate.

Now in the face of Xinjiang team with obvious advantage in the inner line, Liao basketballs shooting in the outer line is more important. Once the situation can not be opened in the outside line, the other side will show the advantage of the inside line more and more after shrinking the basket. Every attack will make Liao basket fall into a hard hand fight. Only when the outside line is activated, can the opponents defense be attracted and more open spaces appear in the inside line.

Therefore, tonights Liaoning basketball team must play more patiently, and the attack of the inside and outside line should not only be closely linked, but also be more balanced, so as to avoid being directly suppressed by the opponent with the advantage of the inside line and find the chance to win.

Gao Peng, chief reporter of Liaoshen Evening News and Liaoshen client

Source: responsible editor of Liaoshen Evening News: Ma bile, ns4800