The best start in the history of North control team

 The best start in the history of North control team

Four wins and one defeat, Marbury leads new North control to set sail. Photo by Wu Jiang, reporter of Beijing News

Last night, the North control mens basketball team defeated Zhejiang Chouzhou team 107-104 at home, winning 4 in 5 rounds before the regular match, setting the best start in the teams history. Behind the outstanding achievements, manager Marbury has established the teams defensive style and made every card in his hand play its value. For him and Northern control, the real test will start from the next round 6.

Preliminary establishment of defense system

Last night, the fifth round of the regular season ended. Apart from Xinjiang teams total victory, Beikong, defending champion Guangdong team and Beijing Shougang team were in the second group with 4-1 loss. As they put forward their slogan, Beikong has become the new force of Beijing Basketball this season, bringing a bright light to the outside world.

The achievement of good results is closely related to Marburys emphasis on defense. In the first five games of the season, North control averaged 103.8 points, compared with 118.2 points last season. By comparison, the current northern control is undoubtedly a new one.

Last night, the first three quarters of northern control limited the two attack points of Deng Meng and Wu Qian of Zhejiang team, both of which scored only one digit; and the fourth quarter was chased because of the sudden outbreak of these two points. The reason why North control can win 3 consecutive games at home is closely related to the emphasis on defense when the old horse finally pauses.

We did very well in the last few defensive rounds, fully reflected the integrity, and also paid attention to protecting the defensive rebounds, which is an important reason for us to win the game in the end. Yue Sun said.

Sun Yue played well at the end of the festival. Photo by Wu Jiang, reporter of Beijing News

The best use of knowledge

After taking office, Marbury set up a new North control mens basketball team, found suitable players under the new system of the team, and maximize their combat effectiveness.

Figg and Sonny have been well integrated into the team and play an important role. Marbury has been used to carrying the team on the shoulder at the key point of the game in his players time. He hopes that the small and medium-sized foreign aid of the team can also have such ability.

In the past five games, Ferguson, averaging 32.8 points, 8.6 rebounds and 6.4 assists, has been recognized by the coach. Last nights battle, the Zhejiang team has always been gripping the score, the first to stand out to stabilize the military heart is Fuge, for Wang Zirui and Sun Yue to jointly kill the game to lay the foundation. With an average of 18.6 points and 11.4 rebounds per game, sonny has played 36 minutes (the last single foreign aid is applicable to Asian foreign countries), and both ends of attack and defense have taken important responsibilities.

In terms of domestic players, Sun Yue not only played the role of key player for many times, but also played an important role in helping and sharing experience with young players. Ill talk a lot when Im training and playing, so they will feel more and accept it faster. Yue Sun said.

Wang Shaojie, known as the strongest champion, has an average of 26 minutes in the rookie season, contributing 9.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocked shots. Marbury has repeatedly praised him as a young man of the national team. It is because of the talent of this young man that he has given Wang Shaojie a heavy responsibility and given him the opportunity to fully experience in the professional arena.

Fug became the number one scorer in North control. Photo by Wu Jiang, reporter of Beijing News

The last six rounds will be tested

For Marbury and Northern control, whether the honeymoon period of the new season can be continued depends on the performance of the last six rounds starting from Sunday.

In the sixth round, Beijing control team will play Guangxia, Zhejiang Province at home. The two teams met in the pre-season, and North control won by 90-87, but at that time both teams were in the training mode. Guangxia also had a 4-1 start this season, and the lineup thickness was better. North control had to work hard to have a chance.

In addition, Beikong will go to two away games in the northeast, successively facing Jilin team, Liaoning team, and Xinjiang team in the 11th round. Marbury and his disciples must be very difficult to prepare.

The 7th round and the 10th round of the Beijing Derby have attracted a lot of attention. Whether its the first time to visit Wukesong stadium as manager or Lin Shuhao, the new leader of Shougang mens basketball team, who is waiting in the Olympic Sports Center, Ma needs to study his opponent thoroughly and deal with the interference brought by the attention of the outside world.

Liu Chen, reporter of Beijing News

Edited by Wang Chunqiu and proofread by Li Shihui

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma bile