Ma Dexing: national team contracted by private enterprises Lipi wants to lose face and leave

 Ma Dexing: national team contracted by private enterprises Lipi wants to lose face and leave

u00b7The quick acceptance of Lippis resignation shows that the Chinese Football Association is eager to change its attitude. Can the national team, which has bid farewell to the wonderful contracted by private enterprises, usher in a new change?

Thought of losing, also thought of a variety of ways to lose, but it is not expected to lose because of the oolong. Zhang Linpeng accidentally hit the ball into our goal in the 75th minute of the second half when he dealt with a non threatening cross from Harry bin. Because of this loss, the Chinese mens football team lost 1-2 to the Syrian team, and continued to rank second in the first group in the 2022 Qatar world cup qualifier Asian top 40 group match. This result makes the situation of the national football teams qualification once again a red light. However, it is surprising that coach Marcello Lippi resigned directly at the post match press conference, and then the Chinese Football Association officially released a message saying accept Lippis resignation. It also means that there is no possibility for Lippi to turn back.

Lippi skillet, UAE becomes Waterloo

Its not the first time Lippi has announced his resignation, and its very similar to the scene after losing 3-0 to Iran in the Asian Cup quarter finals at the beginning of this year. Coincidentally, Lippis two announcements of resigning as Chinas coach were made in the United Arab Emirates, only in Abu Dhabi for the first time, and this time in Dubai. The last resignation was due to the fact that the Chinese team had been eliminated from the Asian Cup; this resignation was due to the fear that the Chinese team would not be able to qualify from the top 40 group of the world preliminaries. Of course, the Chinese team still has a good chance to advance.

Compared with what he said when he announced his resignation for the first time, Lippi still put the most important reason for losing to the players, I dont want to talk about the game today. When a team enters the pitch, it goes all out to carry out the managers tactical deployment. If the team plays like this in the match, if they are afraid and have no fighting spirit on the court, they dont play according to the training, which means that the coachs work is not done well. In a game like tonight, the opponent is fighting for victory, but we are afraid. In the past, when we played against teams like Guam and Maldives, we could also play our own things. But when we play against the Philippines, Syria and other teams, the other side is a little stronger, so we dont play well, we are afraid and cant play. As a coach, Im paid well, but today I take full responsibility, and now I announce my resignation!

Maybe, as Lippi said, our players will not play when they meet a little bit strong opponents. But the problem is: all of these players are chosen by Lippi himself and his own assistant team. They have been training and playing for 10 days since November 3. What is the effect of the teams training in these 10 days? Im afraid Lippi himself knows. Whats more, with such a long time in charge of the Chinese team, the characteristics and weaknesses of the Chinese players, especially the relatively weak pressure resistance in the competition, Lippi himself is probably very clear about how to solve these problems? Because of this, Lippi will lose the whole responsibility to the players, Im afraid there is a suspicion of throwing pot.

We often say, people dont step into the same river twice with one foot. But Lippi still doesnt seem to understand Chinese traditional culture, but he stepped on the boat of Chinese national team twice in a year! Of course, it must be admitted that Lippi is also a point of self-respect and face. According to the contract he signed with the relevant parties, Lippi can continue to coach. After all, in the current situation, there are the second round of the top 40 games, especially three home games in four games. The only away game is against the weakest Guam team. According to the current situation, it is entirely possible for the national football team to score 12 points. With 7 points and 19 points, you can still make it to the top 12 as one of the top four second places. As a result, Lippi can still continue to take his high salary. Its quite another matter whether we can qualify in the last 12. However, as a world champion coach, Lippi feels that he cant afford to lose his face. From this point of view, Lippis resignation is also a decent departure.

Take off the shackles and Chinese football returns to the right track

Lippi announced his resignation, and the Chinese Football Association officially accepted his resignation almost at the first time. To some extent, Lippis second combination with Chinese football is not happy, or even twisted melon. Under the heavy pressure of 2022 World Cup must be qualified, the relevant parties have taken all possible measures for the sake of Chinese football, from hiring Lippi again at great cost to inclining in policy and adopting Naturalization measures. It can be said that all the conditions needed to enter the world cup are all green lights, the purpose of which is to gamble to enter the world cup again, or even gamble more than ever before!

However, when Lippi resigned after the 1-2 loss of the national football team to Syria, to some extent, it was not just Lippi himself who was relieved, but also Chinese football. Lippis return to the helm was an important weight when authorities ordered him to march to the world cup at all costs. Although Lippi was criticized and criticized much more than during his first term of office, there is still a lot of hope for Lippi. After all, no one can be qualified for the position of head coach of China national team. Today, with Lippi gone, there is no doubt that the expectations of the outside world for the national football team to enter the world cup will be greatly reduced. As long as it can enter the top 12, it can be regarded as the completion of the task.

So, Im afraid that Lippis departure is to some extent the lucky thing of Chinese football. From the second half of 2018, after a year and a half, almost all the various means and methods adopted by the relevant parties for the national football to attack the 2022 World Cup ended in an embarrassing way. Although the heart is not willing, but this is not a kind of liberation? Perhaps, its a good chance for Chinese football to return to its proper track and original appearance!

Moreover, Lippis resignation can make the relevant parties realize the overall level of Chinese football more clearly. Although there are still many domesticated players in the legend, to what extent can these domesticated players help Chinese football? Perhaps through the first half of the top 40 competition has been verified.

As far as Chinese football is concerned, only by removing the heavy shackles can we get the space and time needed for real free development, and also can we really develop it.

Bid farewell to contracting, and the national football team ushered in new changes

The rapid acceptance of Lippis resignation by the Chinese football association may be interpreted to some extent as an attitude that the Chinese Football Association is eager to change. Frankly speaking, the current Chinese national team is quite different. First of all, in terms of management system, it belongs to the Chinese Football Association in name, but the Chinese Football Association has no say on the issue of the national team. The simplest fact is: as the head coach, Lippis contract is not negotiated and signed with the Chinese football team! Throughout the world football, the head coach of a national team is not signed with the National Football Association, perhaps only the Chinese Football Association alone. More than that, in terms of the management attribution of the national team, the Chinese Football Association has only the right to listen to orders. Therefore, during the top 40 national football games, there are always people who have nothing to do with the national team, or even direct orders.

After Lippi resigned, as far as the current situation is concerned, the first thing that will change is probably the East Asia Cup. Although Li Tie, as the head coach, has organized a training session for Chinas national selection team, after Lippis resignation, many of the players in the national team will probably reappear in the East Asia Cup.

On the question of who will take over next time, because the match of the top 40 of the National Football Association will not start until the end of March next year, both the Chinese Football Association and the relevant parties have enough time to choose the right coach again. As for whether the surname is foreign or local, Im afraid its hard to make a final conclusion for the time being. The most important thing is to see how the relevant parties balance it. However, in the process of cooperation with Lippi, perhaps the relevant parties have been fed up with Lippis disobedience. In the future selection process, they will return to the old road of obedience is the first condition.

In fact, it is more important to say that Chinese football will usher in new changes. Im afraid that for a long time in the past, the Chinese national team was not a real national team, but a team contracted by an enterprise. This system may be completely broken down by Lippis resignation. Once so, its probably the lucky thing for Chinese football. In the past so long time practice has proved: a countrys national team contract to a certain enterprise and company, can only be a dead end one! The real national team should be under the leadership of the Chinese Football Association and concentrate the whole societys power to operate, but it must not be privatized! In other words, let the Chinese national team return to its original appearance and track.

Its all over. An era has come to an end. So, will the new era really come? For us outsiders, all we can do is to wait patiently and wait for an answer.