20 meter world wave! Czech Republic 2-1 reverses and goes to the European Cup to get Kosovo out

 20 meter world wave! Czech Republic 2-1 reverses and goes to the European Cup to get Kosovo out

Before the game, Czech Republic and Kosovo have 12 and 11 points respectively. Both teams have the hope of team qualification. This game is very important. Although Kosovo is the first newcomer to participate in the European Cup qualifier, their performance is very good. In the European Cup qualifier in September this year, Kosovo defeated Czech Republic 2-1 at home, it can be said that they are not afraid of this opponent psychologically.

In this game, the Czech Republic took the initiative with the advantage of home court. Their ball control rate was as high as 60% in the whole game. The whole team shot 25 times, eight of which were shot straight. Kosovo has only one shot, but it is the shot that gives Kosovo the lead. It was in the 50th minute that striker nusiu, who played in the championship at Sheffield on Wednesday, scored in the penalty area to help Kosovo lead 1-0 after receiving a right cross from his teammate!

After losing the ball, the whole Czech team launched a fierce attack. In the 66th minute, the Czech Republic scored a goal, but the goal was judged invalid because the player first kicked the Kosovo goalkeepers stomach when he grabbed the ball in the forbidden area. The 71st minute, in Moscow Spartaks midfielder Clare in the penalty area outside the volley to break, the Czech Republic finally equalised the score to regain the lead.

The 79th minute, the Czech Republic opens the right corner, the carar in the near post header attacks the goal, the ball touches teammate selustka body after flies into the goal, this goal finally is selustka to score, the Czech Republic 2-1 counter surpasses!

In the end, the Czech Republic defeated Kosovo 2-1 at home, won second place in the group ahead of time, and went out hand in hand with England, who won the top of the group. Czechoslovakia won the European Cup in 1976. After Czechoslovakia broke up in 1992, Czechoslovakias best result in the European Cup was runner up in 1996, and they also reached the semi-finals in 2004. In the 2016 European Cup, the Czech Republic drew 1-2 in the group match and was out early. It is hoped that the Czech Republic can achieve better results in the 2020 European Cup.

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