Three goals in 19 minutes, the 14th time to wear a hat! Kane surpasses Alan Shearer in World War I

 Three goals in 19 minutes, the 14th time to wear a hat! Kane surpasses Alan Shearer in World War I

In the England national team, Kanes goal scoring efficiency has been excellent. This time against the weaker Montenegro, Kane gave full play to his outstanding advantages in the ability to snatch points. The 18th minute, England free kick, chilwell cross, Kane in the middle of a number of defenders to seize the landing point, the ball into the top, England 2-0 lead. Six minutes later, Kane headed again. England sent corner, Kane in the middle of the penalty area away from the defender, easy header, England 3-0.

In the 37th minute, England attacked on the right side. Arnolds curving ball was passed, and the ball was touched by the black mountain guard with his head. However, the guard failed to get rid of the ball. Instead, he made a more accurate assist for Kane, and the ball just fell under Kanes feet. In the face of such a big gift, Kane will not miss it. He turned his right foot and strafed the ball into England 5-0, killing the game completely.

From the 18th minute to the 37th minute, Kane scored three goals, only 19 minutes to wear his hat. With todays hat tricks in mind, Kane has 14 caps in his career, and his last three are all in England. At Tottenham, Kane last wore a hat nearly two years ago (December 2017). In addition, Kanes last successful cap at Wembley Stadium (4-0 Bulgaria, England on September 7 this year) made him the first player to wear a hat in a row at Wembley Stadium.

After the game, Kane scored 31 goals in England, surpassing Alan Shearer, ranking the sixth in the history of the English national team. The top five goals were Rooney (53), Bobby Charlton (49), Lineker (48), grievous (44), Owen (40). Of Kanes 31 goals, 24 were scored while he was captain, setting a new record in the history of England.

In 2019, Kane has scored 11 goals for England. In the history of England, the annual goal record is 12 goals. Kane is very hopeful to catch up or set a new record. In the next game, England will play Kosovo away. England are far ahead of their rivals. Kane is likely to keep scoring.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656