Iraq Kills Iran 2-1! Security guards rush in to celebrate the sensation of thousands of people in Baghdad

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Iraqs 2-1 killing of Baghdad, Iran: a sensation (source: Netease video)

Iran is currently 27th in the FIFA table, the highest ranked Asian team, while Iraq is only 74th, three places lower than China. However, in this game, Iraq was dominant in all aspects, with a ball control rate of 56%. The team shot 10 times, four of which were right, while Iran shot only six times and two of them were right.

In the 11th minute of the match, the players in the forbidden area were saved by the Iranian goalkeeper for the first time when Iraqs right cross, but Muhammad Ali made a make-up shot to help Iraq lead 1-0 early. It is worth mentioning that Muhammad Ali, who has scored in four group games of the top 40, is a famous attacking ace in Iraq.

In the 25th minute, Iranian midfielder norolahi drove the ball into the right side of the penalty area, then hit the ball into the far corner of the goal to help Iran level the score. The 81st minute, the Iranian player Shaojia eats this competition second yellow card to be sent off. After that, Iraq launched a fierce attack. In the second minute of the game, Iraq opened a corner on the right side and substitute striker Abbas headed the goal. Although the Iranian goalkeeper pounced, he could not prevent the football from flying into the goal. With this goal, Iraq defeated Iran 2-1.

After the goal, Abbas rushed to the field to celebrate, followed by his teammates. The Iraqi players on the bench rushed up to embrace him, and even his teammates grabbed Abbass neck and shook it excitedly. Even the field security personnel could not help jumping up to celebrate. The Iraqi fans in the stands were even more excited, standing up, clapping and cheering, and waving their flags.

After winning the game, Iraq ranked first in group C with 10 points, followed by Bahrain with 8 points, Iran with 6 points only ranked third, Hong Kong with 2 points and Cambodia with 1 point. In Tahrir square in Baghdad, tens of thousands of fans took to the streets to welcome the national teams victory, which looked like the national team had won the championship. In recent months, large-scale anti-government demonstrations have continued in Iraq, killing more than 300 people and injuring thousands. But this time the football match brought people together, and peoples rallies were no longer protests but celebrations.

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