Why is it so desperate to resign that I have no face to take the 155 million annual salary?

 Why is it so desperate to resign that I have no face to take the 155 million annual salary?

South Metropolis Daily reported that on November 14, Beijing time, in the fifth round of group A of the Asian top 40 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar 2022, China lost 2-1 to Syria on the road, coach Lippi announced his resignation after the match. He criticized the international for his lack of fighting spirit, and he should be responsible for his high annual salary.

The Chinese team finally let Lippi not see the hope. Photos of Xinhua News Agency

It is reported that the 71 year old Lippi resigned to the international players in the dressing room after the game, and was still excited after coming to the press conference. He said: I dont want to comment on this game. A team can give full play to the managers tactical deployment when it comes to the field, and it should be carried out.

Its the responsibility of the manager if the players on the field are afraid, have no fighting spirit, have no desire, have no courage, cant pass the ball calmly, and cant reflect the training.

We beat weak teams like Guam and Maldives, but we met some stronger teams, such as the Philippines; Syria played better and more organized than us. We lost tonight, and my annual salary was very high. I took full responsibility for this loss, so I announced to you that I am resigning now. No longer head coach of the Chinese team.

Lippi and his coaching team coach China with an annual salary of 20 million euros, or about 155 million yuan, which is the second highest salary in the world football world, even higher than the total annual salary of the top eight coaches of last years Russia world cup.

This is not the first time for the former world cup champion coach to express his desperation towards the Chinese International. Lippi criticized the players in the post match press conference after the 6-0 defeat of Wales in March 2018: I am 70 years old, but I still show my love for football, so I hope my players can be the same as me, but if the players I choose are Its really hard to carry on with this job if you show this attitude in the competition!

Source: responsible editor of Southern Metropolis Daily: Li Chao, nb12814