The logistics speed of double 11 is getting faster this year? Express company: already on the edge of warehouse explosion

 The logistics speed of double 11 is getting faster this year? Express company: already on the edge of warehouse explosion

After this years double 11, many consumers have reported that the speed of express delivery has become faster. The reporter learned that with the continuous increase of express volume, express outlets are still facing the pressure of warehouse explosion.

According to Jingdong Logistics data, the 24-hour delivery was realized in 90% of the country on November 11. Shunfeng data shows that as of 8:00 a.m. on November 14, the cumulative collection rate of packages on Alibaba platform reached 93.31%, and the cumulative sign in rate was 35.05%. According to the reporters visit, many consumers received packages from mainstream express companies on or the next day of double 11, and the logistics speed was much faster than that of the same period last year.

Shentong express said that during the double 11 period, the number of people on the whole network increased by more than 40000, and eight transfer centers in Guangdong Province were upgraded. Shunfeng carried out personnel recruitment and reserve work in advance, invested in the construction of intelligent logistics infrastructure and the use of cloud computing capabilities. More than 10000 vehicles have been put into the whole network of China Express. Jingdong Logistics invested 70 robot warehouses to improve the efficiency of logistics.

After the double 11, the delivery speed of express delivery in the early stage is relatively considerable, but with the increase of express volume, the situation of warehouse explosion and delayed delivery is still inevitable. According to the consumption tips of the National Bureau of statistics, it is expected that there will be greater pressure on the express service in Guangzhou, Jinhua (Yiwu) and other places before November 20, and the time limit for express delivery may be extended.

Shentong express told the new express that at present, the biggest pressure of express delivery is the end of the time limit. SF express said it expected that the pressure on the receiving business would be mainly concentrated in East and South China.

Yesterday, reporters from residential areas gathered some express outlets to see that the express has been piled into a hill, and the number is growing rapidly. At present, a number of couriers send more than 1000 orders every day to around 2 a.m. Some express delivery agents said that the express delivery outlets had been or were on the verge of being out of warehouse, and it is expected that the express delivery will be delayed by 1-4 days. Some outlets are difficult to expand their recruitment due to insufficient operating funds, so the delivery time may be delayed to the end of this month.

Source: responsible editor of Liu Yuxin, nbjs7825