How to cut off the capital chain of Hong Kong mob core when it makes a net profit of 5 million yuan in two months?

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Hong Kong Watch: how many steps should we take to cut off the mobs capital chain? (source: ~)

Hong Kongs violent activities can last for such a long time, which cant be separated from the sufficient financial guarantee behind them, and it has long been an open secret to participate in the violent activities and get paid.

Recently, a number of media including the central political and Law Commission, the Changan sword and the Communist Youth League Central Committee have revealed this interest chain in their public numbers.

According to the media, 500 to 5000 yuan a day is the reward for ordinary students in Hong Kong to participate in violent activities. The amount of money depends on the scale of the March, the level of violence, whether the police are attacked, etc. After the promulgation of the anti masked law, the remuneration was also increased to 15000 yuan per day.

Among the violent activities, there are so-called brave core figures who, after receiving the funds, will organize radical youth to join in. They will monopolize the big head and make a net profit of more than 5 million yuan in two months.

There are mainly five shareholders in the underground bank which transports black gold for the disordered Hong Kong elements. Among them, a major shareholder is some non-governmental organizations and financial capital groups in the United States, from which more than half of the violent activities are funded. In addition, there are four small shareholders in Hong Kong to transfer funds to the rioters.

In addition to paying marchers and violent elements, the money is also used to buy gas masks, laser pens and other equipment. At the same time, we should plan reactionary propaganda, provide legal aid, medical treatment, psychological aid and so on.

Chen Yong, vice chairman of the peoples Federation of Hong Kong, said that if the capital chain of the rioters could be cut off, the vehicles would have no gas, and the rioting would soon stop. He called on the Hong Kong SAR government and all sectors of society to fundamentally cut off the sources and support points of black gold by relying on the strength of the state, just as they do in the fight against terrorism and drug traffickers.

CCTV: a course full of human blood and reward for the elderly in Hong Kong

CCTV exposed the compensation for mobs. Ordinary students can get 500-5000 yuan for participating in the riot, and the maximum pension for killing police is 20 million yuan. A 70 year old man in Hong Kong was hit on the head with a brick by a mob on the 13th. His life is in danger!