40 Jin boa suspected to hide the ceiling for ten years! Police: will be released to nature

 40 Jin boa suspected to hide the ceiling for ten years! Police: will be released to nature

A boa constrictor with a length of 3 meters and a weight of 40 Jin may have been hidden in the ceiling of a shop for as long as 10 years. On November 12, a python suddenly fell from the ceiling of a shop in the East Jianglong entertainment city of Lanshi Shiliang, Foshan Zen City, which scared the public! Fortunately, the police unite with the masses to subdue them, which is not dangerous. On the 14th, the reporter came to the place where the accident happened and restored the course of the accident, revealing a surprising history of ten years of snake haunting.

Python from the sky

On the afternoon of November 12, the public security of Chancheng received 110 instructions, saying that a shop assistant found a python in the shop where he worked and urgently needed the help of the police.

Im scared to death. I dare not go! Seeing the arrival of the police, the shop assistant was still very frightened. It turned out that at about 17 oclock that day, the staff on duty in the store heard a loud noise, followed the sound to the room for inspection, and found that the ceiling in one corner of the room had collapsed. Originally thought that the decoration quality problem caused, who knows when the personnel on duty approached to check, was immediately scared. There was a python on the ground that was bigger than its arm. Its brown body was covered with plaque like patterns, and its tongue was bared, and it kept supporting its body and running to the ceiling. Seeing this posture, the clerk did not dare to act rashly. He immediately backed out and closed the door of the room to prevent the python from escaping and hurting people. Then he called the police.

Its the first time Ive seen such a big python. I have to find a way to subdue it, otherwise its very dangerous. After arriving at the scene, Chen Gang, a policeman, found a python with a diameter of nearly 20cm under the seat in the shop. But the python is so huge that he cant control it alone. So Chen Gang rushed to the nearby hotel and found several employees with snake catching experience to help.

Will be released to nature after feeding

Snake hunt is on fire. In order not to disturb the boa constrictor, Chen Gang discussed with the snake hunters in advance the countermeasures. They first turned off all the lights in the room. Police and five people in the dark with quilts first cover the python, then immediately firmly grasp the snakes head, and then slowly tighten the quilt to lift it. At last, python was captured successfully, and no one was injured at the scene. We were afraid that the big snake would escape. After catching it, we temporarily used two snake skin bags and a cloth bag to pack the snake layer by layer.

Why do boa constrictors appear in downtown areas? It is understood that as early as ten years ago, someone found this Python nearby, but they couldnt catch it all the time. At that time, we didnt pay much attention to it, so we didnt call the police. When the shop was renovated three years ago, the decorator found that there was a snake hiding in the ceiling, and suspected that it was the snake that showed up again. At that time, I saw the skin of a snake sloughing, the security guard who worked around recalled But once again, the snake disappeared from peoples view, and could not be found. Until the afternoon of November 12, the python, which may have been hidden for ten years, broke through the ceiling and was finally captured by the police and the masses.

After measurement, the python weighs 40 Jin, is about 3 meters long, and the thickest part of its body is about 20 cm thick. At present, Foshan Chancheng public security has handed over the python to Foshan wildlife rescue center. Animal experts say the snake is so large and over ten years old. After handover, the rescue center will feed the snake for a period of time and then release it in the wild.