Hong Kong is heartbreaking at the moment

 Hong Kong is heartbreaking at the moment

[global network report] on the afternoon of November 14, a citizen in Yuen Long, Hong Kong launched a police March. According to Hong Kong media such as orange news Wen Hui Po, a 96 year old veteran of the Anti Japanese war in Hong Kong who participated in the March said that he felt sad to see the current situation in Hong Kong. He said that Hong Kong could prosper only by stopping violence and supporting police law enforcement.

Police support parade site (photo source: Wenhui, Hong Kong)

According to reports, hundreds of Hong Kong citizens held a march in Yuen Long on the 14th to support the strict law enforcement of Hong Kong police. Starting from Hong Kong West Rail Station, the procession marched all the way to a stadium opposite Yuen Long police station along Tai Road, Tai Tong Road and Yu Yu Road.

These Hong Kong citizens hold slogans such as love family and love Hong Kong to protect Hong Kong, the government to put out the chaos together, justice and rule of law, ask the chief executive to stop violence, control disorder and protect the public, and shout Asir come on, support the police to punish the rioters severely and so on. Many people applaud and applaud along the way, and many people join the parade. According to the report, the participants included both young children and old people.

96 year old veteran speaks during the police March (photo source: Hong Kongs China News Agency)

According to reports, Wei se, a 96 year old veteran of the Anti Japanese War, said he was heartbroken to see the current situation in Hong Kong. He told the experience of Anti Japanese in Hong Kong at that time and asked for an end to violence and chaos and support for police law enforcement so that Hong Kong could maintain prosperity and stability. The citizens participating in the parade sang light of Hong Kong at Yuen Long Stadium, calling on the silent citizens to stand up and express their voices.

The practice storm in Hong Kong lasted for nearly five months, and the mobs damage to society has not stopped. In recent years, mobs have escalated violence, blocking roads, smashing, setting fire, attacking police and beating ordinary citizens. On the 13th, Weibo account @ emperor BAGUAN micro reported that a group of thugs had a conflict with local residents at a street corner in Yuen Long. Some residents shouted go, go, dont welcome you and fight against the street (bastard), and the thugs fled under the drive of residents. Hong Kongs battered communities are quietly gathering positive energy to fight violence, the Ta Kung Pao reported.

Source: global network editor in charge: Li Chao, nb12814