Lippi resigns from the Football Association after losing the match

 Lippi resigns from the Football Association after losing the match

Chinas coach Marcello Lippi resigned after losing 2-1 to Syria in the world preliminary match, and the Chinese Football Association later issued a notice to accept his resignation.

China Football Association wrote in the official microblog announcement: in the past two matches of the top 40 World Cup qualifiers, the performance of Chinese mens football team was unsatisfactory, which disappointed the fans. China Football Association is very sorry for this! The Chinese Football Association accepted the resignation of national team coach Marcello Lippi at a post match press conference. The Chinese Football Association will reflect deeply and reorganize the national team of mens football to play well in the next 40 strong matches

The idiom unsatisfactory in the announcement comes from the biography of Wu and Han in the later Han Dynasty. The original meaning is that Wu and Han can inspire their subordinates will very much, and the latter can be used to refer to peoples satisfaction. The use of failing in Chinese makes the fans feel both angry and funny.

@Is it ma Dongmeis house upstairs 322? Please look up the dictionary. What do you mean by unsatisfactory

@Dont look at me. Im your father. Im not satisfied. I mean Im barely satisfied. Do you seem satisfied?

@Over a long time: This is not satisfactory??? Its terrible

@Strong Peng Lee: dare to tweet is warrior!

Source: Nandu sports editor in charge: Li Chao, nb12814