Play games for public welfare, Netease games, launch new ways to play public welfare for students

 Play games for public welfare, Netease games, launch new ways to play public welfare for students

Specific play method:

Step 1: log in to Netease game member club, and accept a little public book boy as an apprentice;

Step 2: use the points gained from playing games to cultivate small pets, urge them to learn, and generate knowledge points;

Step 3: when the knowledge points are accumulated to a certain extent, the public welfare program can be unlocked, and the exclusive customized public welfare picture frame and public welfare certificate of Netease public welfare education certification can be obtained.

This way of playing games while doing public welfare greatly reduces the threshold of public welfare participation. For players who log in to the game every day to generate points, it is even about nil. In addition to doing public welfare, it can also obtain rewards such as exclusive head picture frame, so that every love projected by players in the game is given a certain sense of mission. It is indeed a new and socially significant initiative to have the opportunity to form a fetter with those children who are eager for knowledge in reality.

It is understood that the first stage of integral public welfare activity starts from November 1, 2019 and lasts until December 31, 2019. After reaching the set goal, the public welfare parallel class plan from February to June 2020 will be unlocked for 20 schools in Guangan, Bazhong, Luzhou, etc.

Acquire knowledge point strategy

1. timetable

Input 200 points every day to arrange classes (once a day) and generate a pet todays class schedule, then you can harvest the corresponding knowledge points.

On the way of pet learning, you need to check the next class from time to time to prevent it from being lazy in class. If you find that a pet is lazy, you can recall it immediately to get knowledge points.

2. Message / share

Every day in the member club for the first time to leave a message and share for the first time, you can directly get some knowledge points.

3. Pet interaction

Spend a certain amount of points every day to give the pet a little safflower / new stationery / chicken leg, you can also get the corresponding knowledge points.

List of Netease game products participating in the public welfare program (ranking in no order):

Dream journey to the West computer edition, dream journey to the West mobile tour, two classic versions of big talk journey to the west, two free versions of big talk journey to the west, big talk journey to the West mobile tour, Yin Yang teacher, world 3, world mobile tour, new Qiannv ghost, Qiannv ghost mobile tour, One Dream Lake, the fifth personality, after tomorrow, against the cold water, wilderness action u300bDecisive battle!! Pingan Jing, Tianyu, Zhenmo Qu, Zhenmo Qu manual tour, matchless in the Tang Dynasty, matchless in the Tang Dynasty, the end of the battlefield, the forever 7-day capital, the bright land, the awakening of soul hunting, the legend of Three Kingdoms like a dragon, the non-human School Park