At 2 a.m., Zhihu posted 1.84 million people: seeing my husbands private photos, I decided to divorce.

 At 2 a.m., Zhihu posted 1.84 million people: seeing my husbands private photos, I decided to divorce.

Some people give the view that: from talking about everything in the period of communication to the firewood, rice, oil and salt after marriage, there is gradually nothing to talk about.

At 2 a.m., a hot post seemed to give a more clear answer: no phone calls, no active contact; go to the toilet when you come back, and squat for an hour; chat and laugh with various netizens, but dont pay attention to yourself; occasionally call a wife, because the water cup in front of you is empty

For a while, it attracted 1.84 million people to watch and praise, and expressed their hearts.

The most amazing thing is that the husband of the posted netizen is a man with a high level of activity.

Not only is the work efficiency full score, the popularity is excellent, in the network, is also humorous, warm and kind-hearted, whenever there are netizens to ask questions, will know without saying, say without saying, just like a chatterbox.

But in the face of his wife, he became a aphasia.

Obviously, they are husband and wife, but they are like a pair of strangers living under the same roof, doing their own things, nothing to say.

The nearest person, however, has the furthest heart. Mingming is by his side, but his heart is like the Milky way.

And marriage, is such a step by step to the end.

Marriage gets cold, from the moment you dont want to talk

Some people say that the state of Chinese marriage is mostly: we cant live well without it.

Marriage without words is like cutting flesh with a blunt knife and tormenting people with one knife at a time.

Since my uncle saw this video, I have slowly understood this mood.

One day, the wife came home from work and talked to her husband.

I just met Mrs. Chen on the fifth floor. Her daughter is growing fast!

Are you hungry?

After a long silence, no one spoke.

At first I thought she was talking to herself in the air, until her husband appeared in the camera with headphones and the sound of tapping on the keyboard of the mobile phone.

Now that the topic has come to an end, my husband asked me a question

Whats the matter downstairs?

The wife repeated what she had just said, but she still didnt get a response.

But in such a blind, dumb, deaf marriage, wives are used to it.

The husband doesnt want to talk, he just well, know, ok...

One day, my wife happened to pick up a mobile phone in the elevator, but she didnt find the owner, so she took it home.

Late at night, her husband still didnt come back, so she sent him a text message with her picked up mobile phone.

Where are you? Im worried about you!

Im working overtime.

If you were my wife, I would go back to you like this, but you passed it on the wrong person.

Why dont husbands go home early?

Because, work as an employee, work as a husband, and occasionally want to be myself...

Seeing such a scene, maybe all the men want to raise their hands to approve it!

Yes, uncle admitted that men are very tired, men are under a lot of pressure, men will want to be their own time, but you have married back to the girl, must also have it!

Maybe she also miss it. When she was not your wife, she had no children, no firewood, rice, oil and salt.

In the 4560 comments at the bottom of the video, uncle saw this reply: you are happy to share with him the interesting things you met today, but he is impatient. When you talk about your childs educational life, he will only hum, Oh and ha. You ask him what he will eat tomorrow night. Well, he just sits playing with his cell phone and doesnt want to respond to you.

After a long time, you no longer have the desire to open your mouth. You would rather stay alone and never communicate. After all, everyone wants a responsive lover.

Before marriage, you are willing to talk with me until two or three oclock in the night;

But after marriage, you only want to hear two or three of them.

And marriage is getting cold, since you are no longer willing to listen to me

Good feelings, there is always someone who is willing to listen

But if you have a careful observation, you will find that those who like to chat and chat in their marriage life are talking nonsense most of the time.

Thats right. Its bullshit.

Theoretically speaking, nonsense makes people happy.

Huang Lei said a paragraph in the yearning life: when I was young, I always thought that love and life were MoMA DA and cute da.

Later, I found out that if two people only have aces, then they must have a bumpy life.

In real life, we must find someone who can chat and eat together.

And my parents are the most chatty and hearing couple Ive ever met.

My mother is a talker. She can talk for a long time about star gossip and trifles.

My father is an introverted old man, but he never shows impatience to my mother, and never reveals that my mother has said something five or six times.

For a meal, my mother was cheated by a vegetable dealer. Recently, the price of pork has been raised. When a star cheated, a host burst into red... From all over the world, she picked it up and talked.

After a meal, we all finished. My mother said she was tired. My father began to clean up the dishes. Forty years is like a day.

Sometimes my father is greedy for dessert. When he picks up one piece, he is snatched away by my mother. He starts to talk about it with harsh words again: you cant stop talking, what does the doctor say

My father could only explain to himself that he was afraid of wasting it, but he didnt want to eat it.

At that time, I will suddenly feel that it is a very happy thing for someone to nag you and manage you. Some time ago, I went home to listen to the daily interaction between the two old people, and I was full of expectations for marriage. Theres a show in the park today. OK, lets see later. Where did you put the tea you brought back from Yunnan last time? Its in the drawer.

Your words and mine are basically rubbish.

But most of our lives of mutual respect and knowledge are fermented and dense in these daily conversations, which makes us feel extremely sweet.

Let me suddenly think of the warm words in Little Prince: the time I waste on you makes you precious.

I think the same is true of nonsense: no one can always say something valuable.

Waste time to say those nonsense, just let that person and your memory, become more precious.

For the rest of my life, find someone who will listen to you for a lifetime

I remember a reader asked me in the background:

What is a good love? How can I be sure that he is the right person? My answer is:

Good love, is two people together comfortable, comfortable, you can be calm to do their own, the best expression is to accompany you to talk nonsense!

Just a few days ago, QIPA said what the debater Yang qihan said: in my eyes, beautiful love is to find someone who is willing to listen to you talk nonsense.

Before entering the marriage, you must ask yourself, ten years later, can you still sit together and talk so much nonsense?

After all, its really hard to find someone who can chat anytime, anywhere and the key is that he doesnt mind you.

Theres a bridge in the movie the secret agent of Daniu2014u2014

When Zhou Xingchi returns from work, he and his wife, Carina Lau, play like children. They are hysterical and enjoy themselves. You come to me and shout husband and wife to each other.

It looks like two idiots plus idiots, but love is also in this seemingly meaningless nonsense and love talk.

Compared with where is the key, see if the door is closed, remember to bring a bottle of vinegar home from work, these practical and necessary words.

Those unnecessary nonsense in life can nourish each others inner heart which is constantly consumed by daily life and pressure.

We are eager that you can not only listen to the beauty of my music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and wine flowers, but also tolerate my nagging of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea.

And all this nonsense has turned into love.


Su Cen once said, happiness is to find someone who is willing to listen to your nonsense.

The lively love in the fireworks and the constant nonsense of ordinary couples seem to be much more tenacious and long-term than the matched conditions and balance of power.

When you find a soul close to you, that kind of fresh experience, that kind of intimate feeling, is the warmth of the world.

The most interesting thing in life is to find a unique and beautiful meaning in every meaningless nonsense.

The marriage with nothing to say makes us as cold as the bone. The constant love with nonsense makes us experience the warmth of three winters.

A big is covered with two different souls, only those endless nonsense, let the warmth in the air grow, the happiness in life is long.

Just like the last sentence of Yang qihan:

I love you so much. I hope you can find someone who will listen to you for a lifetime.

The so-called love is just sharing sweetness.

For such a long life, there is always a need to have a personal companion, talk nonsense, gather at a table to eat, and live a real life. END

The nearest person, however, has the furthest heart. Mingming is by his side, but his heart is like the Milky way. And marriage, is such a step by step to the end.