Hidden crisis under the plain

 Hidden crisis under the plain

The Rangers will entrust the caravan to go to different places by using the cash coupon. The caravan has limited transportation capacity and can only collect 12 treasures at a time. Players will spend different amount of treasure seals to obtain these treasures. Each time the player throws a throwing dagger, he gains a prop until all 12 treasures are traded. You can also use the coupon to entrust the caravan to start again to collect treasures and trade from the beginning. This is a double test of players luck and strength.

A warm winter greeting and invitation

When early winter comes, snow falls quietly on Elantras mainland. Its time to send warm winter greetings and blessings to my dear friends. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises and gains. After this weeks update, the Rangers can go to hermouth of the oath fortress every day to write a letter to NPCs comrades to express their deep friendship. At the same time, you can also attach the items in your backpack with the letter as a gift. This gift can not only improve the NPCs liking as usual, but also add the liking degree of receiving the mail greeting.

Of course, after receiving your greetings, NPC will also send them back according to the content of the letter, and will attach a large return gift. If your letter just touches NPCs heart, maybe they will reveal some secrets in their reply, even with mysterious special task items.

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