Stay up late to be silly is finally confirmed by science: you are not staying up late, but life!

 Stay up late to be silly is finally confirmed by science: you are not staying up late, but life!

But you know, staying up late really makes you stupid.

Recently, scientists at Boston University took pictures of the brain washing process during sleep for the first time.

Red is blood, blue is cerebrospinal fluid.

Simply put, when a person is asleep, the red blood will flow out of the brain periodically. At this time, the cerebrospinal fluid will enter and remove toxins, such as u03b2 - amyloid protein, which causes Alzheimers disease.

And all this can only be done in sleep.

So its not just about staying up late and becoming stupid.

Why do young people like staying up late?

In March of this year, Shenzhen released the report of China sleep index 2019, which shows that after 50, they fall asleep as soon as possible, 60 like to take a lunch break, 70 like to read books before going to bed, 80 like to lose sleep most, 90 like to sleep the latest, 00 like to stay in bed the longest, 05 and 10 like to sleep the longest.

More and more young people join the ranks of staying up late, and there is a trend of staying up late.

Why is that?

Someone once made a survey on Weibo. Why do you stay up late?

Unexpectedly, only 10% of the people had to stay up late for work reasons, and the rest stayed up actively, including playing games, chatting, chasing dramas, reading novels and microblogging.

After experiencing the pressure of working and living all day in the daytime, many young people attach great importance to the time in the evening, so they start to stay up late.

During the day, the desire of a day is suppressed and released at night.

Even if there is nothing to do at night, I know that staying up late will hurt my body, but I just dont want to sleep, and Im reluctant to sleep. If I want to master a little time of my own, its retaliatory staying up late.

Apply the most expensive mask, the last night.

It has become a true portrait of many young people.

Not staying up late has become the most difficult self-discipline for young people.

Dont stay up late. Youre going to die

Recently, a Shanghai cartoonist died unexpectedly in a rental house.

Industry insiders said that the industry is under great pressure and irregular work and rest is the norm.

Now we have more and more cases like this:

In January 2015, singer Yao Beina, 34, died of breast cancer. Staying up late rehearsing is an important factor in inducing breast cancer.

In June 2016, Jin Bo, deputy editor in chief of Haijiao, died in the subway. Because the night before that, I had been working all night.

In June 2017, a 26-year-old night shift doctor in a hospital in Zhejiang suddenly died in the dormitory. Before his death, he once sent a circle of friends to jokingly call black + white + black, its nice to be still alive after work.

In October 2018, Huaweis 36 year old engineer died suddenly in Kenya, working continuously for 22 months.

We always think that we are young. These accidents are far away from us. But life is a gamble that no one can afford to lose. Dont bet on life easily.

Tomorrow and the accident, we never know which comes first.

According to a survey released by China Sleep Medicine Association, 90% of young peoples sudden death / cerebral hemorrhage / myocardial infarction are related to staying up late, while more than 70% of young people have the habit of staying up late.

Staying up late not only makes us stupid, staying up late, sometimes we really die.

Sleep deprivation produces chemicals similar to those produced when the brain is hit, according to research in the American Journal sleep.

So lack of sleep can cause headaches and other problems.

Our brain produces a lot of waste after a days operation, and good sleep can help the brain eliminate these waste.

Staying up late may not be a big problem in the short term, but once these problems accumulate to a certain extent, people are easy to fall ill.

Whats worse is that the damage caused by staying up late is irreversible and cant be remedied by sleeping more.

If peoples normal sleep mode is damaged continuously, it will cause permanent damage to all functions of the body.

Whats the difference between staying up late and not staying up

The British Sleep Association once conducted an experiment in which volunteers were invited to sleep eight hours or six hours in a row for five days.

The results were shocking:

Get enough sleep for 8 hours and look fresh. Not enough sleep. Six hours of sleep seems to be more than 10 years old. And thats just a five-day comparison.

Staying up late will not only make you silly, but also ugly.

Some netizens have published their 17-year-old and 22-year-old photos, denouncing the harm of staying up late.

There are too many examples around us, and netizens are showing themselves one by one.

I have a friend who used to be a fan of staying up late. He started his own company when he was young. He often worked overtime at night and stayed up late. He worked hard.

In May last year, he collapsed at the companys regular meeting, and was rushed to the hospital for a check on colon cancer.

He didnt know how he got cancer when he was in his early 20s.

The doctor said that this is the result of staying up late for a long time, but now it is not too late. It is the body that rings the alarm for him.

After leaving the hospital, he sighed with me that he would never stay up late again.

From then on, he went to bed on time before 11 oclock every night, and kept running when he got up in the morning.

The whole person is totally different from before, and his complexion and energy are obviously much better. He often tells us to let go of ourselves, not to try to make money, and finally to spend our lives.

People with health often dont understand how important health is.

Always wait until the loss to remember to make up, but sometimes, even unable to make up.

The more successful people are, the more they understand the importance of work and rest rules.

Staying up late and not staying up late are totally two different states and different lives.

Since the harm of staying up late is so great, how can we effectively avoid staying up late and form good sleep habits?

Here are some suggestions to help you:

Forced sleep time

Set a time for yourself. You must go to bed at that time. Lie down even if you cant sleep.

Forced distraction

Keep away from all mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. Dont go to bed with your head in the blank.

Exercise or relax

Proper exercise or reading can help you sleep effectively. Exercise can release extra energy, while reading makes people in a relaxed state.

Insist on getting up early

Most of the people who stay up late are in disorder. They stick to the habit of going to bed early and getting up early.

The writer Feng Tang said:

The body is for nothing, but its not for nothing.

When I was young, all the nights I spent were debts to my health, and I will pay them back one day.

The biggest fear in life is that I could have, but I didnt have time. Dont wait for your health to get out of order.

Really dont stay up late. I hope to share with all the people who read this article.

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