Dream journey to the west computer version 2019 player exchange ceremony Xiamen station R & D Q & A Summary

 Dream journey to the west computer version 2019 player exchange ceremony Xiamen station R & D Q & A Summary

2. Question: what I want to ask is the one-on-one play method of sword meeting launched by you in the last few months. Fantasy game is very concerned about the communication between players. I think its possible to add the two or even three people play method of sword meeting based on the one-on-one play method. Sometimes I feel playing single player. Although I have solved some problems, it is very boring.

Qi: we did think about it before. Like the previous high ground, there was a two person model. This is our preliminary attempt. Because we didnt consider the application of skills in the dream skill design before. Your opinion is very good. We can think about adding similar playing methods.

3. Question: I want to ask you a question: can summoning animals not input prices when setting up a stall? Do they need to input prices when setting up a stall for the first time and when setting up a stall for the second time? Same as the item.

Nine ink: because the summoning beast wants the player to input the price carefully, because the price is relatively high, and the security of the players transaction is the first.

4. Question: is it possible to increase other ways of obtaining after the three achievements come out?

Xiaoqi: you are more concerned about the achievements of the three realms. Let me talk about it here. First of all, after the three realms are released, we have analyzed the data of all players, and we think the current three realms can be fully used. At the same time, after the release of the three achievements, we observed that it was fully in line with expectations, and the number of studios dropped significantly. At the same time, all aspects of the data are developing in a good direction. So, we will be more careful to make changes now, because at present, the effect is very good.

5. Question: Hello! Ive been an old player for more than ten years. Id like to ask you a long-term question for dreamland. For us players, the younger generation of dreamlands journey to the west is not strong enough. They are all old players. So I think its better to integrate some young peoples playing methods when updating some things, so as to have a better dream westward tour. When will this series of activities be launched?

Xiaoqi: in a big environment, there are not many new players, especially the young people and children who choose a lot. There used to be only ten games to play. Now there are 100 games to play, which on average becomes 1 / 10. But in fact, the current situation of dream westward travel is not that all the old players are playing, but the new players of dream westward travel are in the front in the industry, just because there are too many dream old players, and the absolute number is too much, so the new players are covered up. In fact, there are many ways to attract new players, such as calling animals and iterating scenes. In a sense, they will be more in line with the aesthetics of the new era. We are constantly making products keep up with the times and attracting more new playing methods.

Xiaomu: in order to attract many new players, we have done a lot of work in brand promotion. For example, we have cooperated with some relatively new industries, including we have been trying to launch new songs, as well as new TV dramas and online dramas. You can look forward to it. In the future, we will let you see these things step by step and attract more players to join me Our dream family.

6. Question: Hello! When will the Dragon Palace be strengthened?

Xiaoqi: how many levels have you played?

Question: 69.

Xiao Qi: we have also observed that 69 Dragon Palace will be weaker in the legal system, and it really cant play its unique ability at present, because it is a legal system that tends to the later stage, and it will play better at the high level. At the high level, we are also trying to play by hand and have made preliminary achievements. At present, this is not a legal system that can not be fully used. 69, 89 this kind of low-level, before the attention to it is relatively small, we will also have some more in-depth systematic attention to it and make changes in the future. This is really a few stages in the plan, even lower than 69 in a sense.

7. Question: I asked about the task of escorting once at the meeting in Fuzhou in 2015. At that time, I said there was no new sect. When you said it was time to go back, you would add a new sect. It has been four years since now, or not.

Qi: Ill explain why there is no new school. I didnt answer this question at that time, but I know. Let me explain. In order to join a new sect, we first need to adjust the probability between each sect. We found that it would be very strange after joining this probability. It would often trigger the escort route of one grape, two grapes, three grapes, four grapes. So, in the end, we give a comprehensive evaluation of the experience and the cost of players.

8. Question: Im just a suggestion for blue and white porcelain, but I hope to introduce various kinds of better benefits, so that we can brush achievements with motivation. Now, Im spending nearly 15 yuan to brush a little achievements.

Xiaomu: we also hope to get some honors that match the achievement point. This is what we have been doing.

9. Question: Id like to ask you, now the players conditions are getting better and better. When we trade, we also support hundreds of millions of transactions, but our eight digit color is the same as the nine digit color, so its easy to confuse. I suggest that we can change the nine digit color of the transaction number, which will be more obvious.

Nine ink: the price of the goods is changed from eight to nine. We can consider changing this color to a more eye-catching one, so that we can get a clear distinction.

10. Question: Hello! I am a 109 student of Penglai Island. What I want to ask is how to be beautiful. Now that I dont have PK, I want to make vases and brush high achievements. Now there is a fairy jade point for exchanging things. Can you exchange points with high achievements? If your achievements reach a certain height, you can exchange 50% or 70% for what you want? In addition, can we enrich the limited quantity of high achievement purchases? I dont want blue and white porcelain. I can have others.

Xiaomu: as you all know, our Xianyu points and Gaocheng are two relatively independent systems. We hope that different types of players can get unique rewards or exhibitions in different systems. This is what we hope to see. We said blue and white porcelain will not be considered for the time being, and that other nature will not work.

11. Question: when will some dream series or animation come out?

Xiaomu: we should have an online play to meet you in the near future. The rest, such as related animation and TV series, are also in preparation and waiting for broadcast. Please look forward to it.

Question: when?

Xiaoqi: not far. Ill see it soon.

Question: this year or next year?

Xiaomu: if there is no accident, it should be one of them that you can see this year. You can look forward to it. Ive seen a wonderful story. Its the story of our players.

12. Question: Hello! I want to ask Zhong Lingshi the question, for example, Lingshi has a time lock, but after Zhong Lingshi is hit, it will become a time lock. I want to ask if I can consider the problem of time lock of Zhong Lingshi, and it will become no time lock?

Xiaoqi: This is mainly because of the circulation problem of zhonglingshi. We also protect the price stability of each area. If we go to this time lock, we can buy a Lingshi from another area through the treasure Pavilion, suck it down, and it can circulate automatically. Thats not good for the price protection of zhonglingshi in each area. Its for that reason.

13. Question: I think businessmen are better in the game. They help the circulation of goods. There is also a set of stalls that you can pay attention to, which is convenient for you to find later. Do you have any booths blocked? I feel that in the game you hate the profiteers very much. Many peoples booths are extremely expensive. I want to say that one more setting can block it, which is more convenient.

Xiaoqi: similar to when you pay attention to a stall, you hope to block it in turn, that is, you dont want to see its stall.

Question: its better not to see.

Xiaoqi: This is a very interesting opinion. We can think about whether it is necessary.

14. Question: when I ask about the royal guards, there will be classifications when we buy them. Now, with the increasing number of royal guards, many players have one or two hundred of them. Its inconvenient to find one when changing the royal guards. Can I set classifications in the royal guards I buy?

Xiaomu: this can be considered. We are also gradually optimizing the experience when you wear the brocade.

15. Question: Hello! Im 175 players from the south of Caiyun. Id like to ask the voice system. Besides fighting, the voice system also has some background music. Can you add some dialogues of your own characters? Dialogue of some characters in other online games. Its strange that we havent heard the voice of forming our own characters after playing for so many years.

Xiaomu: before, you may have some limitations in your thinking. We didnt really think about it. We will seriously consider it.

Xiaoqi: let me explain the limitation of Xiaomis thinking. There is a very subtle point. In our past, the role of design thinking is you. You cant talk to you. This is our past cognition. It may be different from other games. We think that role is you and we are role-playing games, so we didnt consider this in the past, This is our past design idea.

16. Question: Hello! I am a player of Gulangyu server 175. Many players put forward that the brocade dresses for female characters are very beautiful, and the same brocade dress for male characters is particularly ugly. Many players have the same idea. Can such brocade dresses be optimized?

Xiaomu: what you said is that all our design teams feel a little bit distressed about this. We are also trying to launch some clothes that our male players will like better, including that we will think that it is the same in real life now. The clothes that girls wear have many changes, and it is easy to make some patterns, which are very beautiful. But boys only wear shirts Compared with T, it is less. There is such a problem, which is also our little design problem. For the future, there are several sets of royal guards that are also dedicated to male players who can wear more beautiful clothes, such as more domineering and cool styles. You can look forward to that. In the future, we will see the needs of all male players, and we have made some efforts to do so.

17. Question: there are many good friends in the game of dream westward travel, including me. I have been in touch with this game since the second and third grade of primary school, and I also like this game very much. My friends and I are very nostalgic for the previous mode of dream westward travel. We hope that dream westward travel can give us a nostalgic suit, so that the players who have played for a long time will miss the previous feelings.

Xiaoqi: this matter should be viewed from two sides. First of all, I dont think its the game that changes. Its the person who changes. We have related departments to analyze the game you just said. Its easy to find that the person who is playing this game now is totally different from the person who was playing Warcraft in those days. Even if you open a nostalgic suit, its not necessarily the person who used to play it. We are also observing the current situation of the game. If this thing is reasonable, there may be in the future, but it may not be reasonable so far.

18. Question: the game has not been updated for a long time. If there are more good-looking fighters, you can accept them.

Xiaomu: when we do auspicious things, we have a plan every year. When will some auspicious things happen, whether its flying or riding, we will have the whole release rhythm. You can expect that at a certain time, we will have a relevant auspicious thing. Dont worry.

19. Question: I have only one question. When is the blacklist online?

Xiaoqi: yesterday, a player just mentioned this suggestion to me. I think its quite reasonable. It can be added.

20. Question: could you ask about this years Carnival card.

Xiaoqi: it seems that the carnival is still determining the venue.

Question: will it be in Xiamen?

Xiaoqi: I also hope to be in Xiamen.

Xiaoqi: at present, the information I know is probably in these places, but I cant guarantee it. It should be in Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou, but it should be subject to the final venue, because it needs many departments to communicate, not where we want to do it.

The R & D Q & a session of this exchange ceremony is very popular, and the audience on site enthusiastically raises their hands to wait for the R & D team to answer. The computer version of dream journey to the West has prepared exquisite gifts for players, such as angel piggy dolls. While answering questions and solving doubts, there are endless gifts around. This is the end of the R & D Q & A of Xiamen station. We are looking forward to meeting you in the next offline activity!