Nintendo switch ranch story series latest game ranch story reunite ore town is available today

 Nintendo switch ranch story series latest game ranch story reunite ore town is available today

This is the first Nintendo switch game in the ranch story series. It is a complete remake of ranch story ore towns partners and ranch story ore towns partners for girl released in 2003.

In the ranch full of natural flavor, planting fruits and vegetables, taking care of animals, dating and marrying the residents living in the town, etc., can experience the warm life game of the whole life.

Growing crops

Plant fruits and vegetables in the fields, harvest and ship them to make money.

Caring for animals

Take care of the calves and chickens and get milk and eggs.

Love marriage

Love and marry the person you like. And have a baby!

Introduction to marriage partners

P Bu Li

Dream to meet the handsome boy, the girl in the chicken farm. I look forward to leaving the town one day and living in the city.

Happiness, anger, sorrow and joy can not be hidden, but also a little coquetry.


Hate to beat around the Bush, strong personality is also very good at caring for people. Living in harmony with the parents who run the grocery store.

Although I like cooking very much, but the craft is a little


Instead of liliya, the ailing mother, she became the pillar of the family and ran the chicken farm business.

Im very worried about my sister, Percy. Im a little over protective.


A short stay in ore town. Its always a worried expression. I go to church to repent every day.

In addition, there are many attractive marriage candidates

Find your partner and enjoy the ranch life together

Become a rancher and enjoy warm life

The protagonist has two men and two women to choose from.

In order to restore prosperity to the pastures visited when I was a child, I worked hard on unfamiliar farming.

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