The father of the boy who was beaten to death in the community sent a thank-you letter: negotiate the aftermath

 The father of the boy who was beaten to death in the community sent a thank-you letter: negotiate the aftermath

Changsha 9-year-old boy Luo was attacked and killed by a man in the community. On the morning of November 9, his father opened a thank-you letter in the circle of friends, saying that all levels of government departments are actively negotiating the aftermath. According to Yuhua Branch of Changsha Public Security Bureau, the suspect Feng has been detained and the case is under investigation.

On November 5, a Japanese child died in a residential area in Huicheng. His family members were extremely sad! The District Committee, district government, yuhuating sub district office and Yatang village community of Yuhua District of Changsha City also expressed their deep condolences and solicitude for the tragic death of the child, and actively negotiated and dealt with the aftermath. The public security organs serious and responsible attitude towards handling the case made all the family members feel the corresponding relief. Luos father also expressed his thanks to all the people who cared about and mourned the children, including the neighbors who donated money and the parents of classmates.

Police reported that at 13:36 on the day of the incident, yuhuating police station received an alarm saying that there were adults beating children in Huicheng Shangzhu community. At 13:50, when the police arrived at the scene, the suspect Feng was under control. Luo, a 9-year-old victim from Loudi, Hunan Province. When the police arrived, Luos vital signs were slight, and then he was sent to a doctor. At 15:25, Luo died.

Feng, a 30-year-old unemployed man from Huaxian County, Henan Province, is 178cm tall and weighs 102kg, the report said. His parents reported that Feng had been treated in Henan psychiatric hospital in 2010 for schizophrenia. Police initially found that at 13:30 on November 5, Feng and Luo met near the elevator hall of Building 5, Shangzhu community, Huicheng, and then Feng chased Luo to the road of Building 5 and beat them on the ground.

At present, the case is under further investigation.

Source: Yu changzong, editor in charge of Southern Metropolis Daily