Lawyer Zhou Libo on drug testing: believe him, I havent seen him take drugs

 Lawyer Zhou Libo on drug testing: believe him, I havent seen him take drugs

My views on the drug testing events and related disputes

Mr. Zhou was in the whirlpool of public opinion because of the drug test. As his lawyer, I was also questioned. In this regard, I would like to briefly say a few views and respond to some problems over a long period of time.

A lot of people ask me why I believe Mr. Zhou doesnt take drugs. Here I put aside the status of a lawyer and say a few words from the perspective of a friend. I have known Mr. Zhou for many years, of course, I have some knowledge of him. After Mr. Zhou was involved in the case in America, I also asked his friends around him. They all said that they had never seen him take drugs, and I had never seen him myself. Moreover, if a person has been taking drugs for more than ten years, its hard to imagine that he has such a good mental and physical condition (you should also see his muscles from the photos on Weibo, and which of the people who have been taking drugs for many years is not worth living? I see him show good physical fitness in life. And just before this drug test, Mr. Zhou also stated firmly and clearly that he did not use drugs for many times. Someone on the Internet said that Mr. Zhou had secretly tested the drug three times in the first half of the year, which was just a fabrication. If yes, please announce the specific time and place, welcome to check the whole network. However, due to professional caution, I really suggested whether we should check ourselves first to avoid accidents (because we have heard some cases of non drug use but positive detection), but Mr. Zhou firmly said that it was unnecessary to never use drugs. Of course, there is an accident now, which makes us think the result is too strange and inconceivable. We are doing our best to find out why.

2. Some Internet hackers said that I knew that Mr. Zhou took drugs and asked him to test them, which was too poor. Come on, its not about the level difference. Its about the brain. You can attack me, but please arrange it reasonably. I may not be at a high level, but I have worked for many years, and there are many industry honors, social positions, high-quality customers, and successful cases. I am not so retarded. Of course, you can also think that all the recognition I get is blind. I dont mind. Just be happy.

3. Some peers have commented on drug testing events in various ways (this is very common in hot cases), which is very good. Thank you for your attention and welcome to exchange. But there are also a small number of obscure or obvious language to show their own better. It can also be understood that its normal for peers to be light, and lawyers need to publicize themselves. However, I still hope that there is no obvious and unreasonable devaluation or speculation (such as implying that I dont know the time limit for drug testing and pushing customers into the fire pit), which is not good for your own image.

4. There have been a number of keyboard heroes in the navy who have been tirelessly writing various articles by Mr. heizhou or me. Youve been working hard. Its said that you can analyze (scold) ugly Yinmao if we write something casually. Its very good. Some people say, its not red if you dont get scolded.. But I have to tell you that although you often @ me, I really dont have time to read and respond. You really dont need to @ anymore. But Id be happy to provide you with so much work material. You can write it and hope your income will grow.

5. Some netizens asked me why I didnt refute rumors sometimes. Let me give you an example. For example, some rumor stick said that I manipulated an organization for Mr. Zhous platform, and that the city sent a special team to investigate and I didnt attend the meeting on the grounds of court session. At that time, I also asked for opinions on whether to respond, but the tendentious opinions were that this rumor would be mentally retarded as soon as I heard it, so I didnt have to pay attention to it. The reason is that some rumors are really too low. People with a little insight and level wont believe them at all. So, theres no need to pay attention.

6. As Mr. Zhous attorney, I have recently been criticized by some netizens. There are some malicious attacks by senior Zhou Hei. Well, its nothing more than that they think Im getting in the way of them knocking down Mr. Zhou. I think its an affirmation of the effect of my work. And more netizens are mainly rhythmic. They think Mr. Zhou is a bad guy, and then they abhor my lawyers. But is Mr. Zhou really a bad guy? Do some netizens know the truth through some media? Mr. Zhou may be one of the most stigmatized stars in China. The real Zhou Libo knows too few people. Ten thousand steps back, shouldnt the bad guy have a lawyer to protect his legitimate rights and interests? There is a saying in our industry: lawyers protect the people of bad people, not the bad of bad people. So no matter how you attack me, I will only do my job well. No matter who my client is, or whether he or she is a good or bad person in the eyes of the public, I will do my best to protect his or her legitimate rights and interests. This is my duty and the value of the lawyer system.

Finally, I wish you all a happy life.

Identification report of Tang shuangsun and Zhou Libo said that they found out that Bingdu was a drug addict

On November 4, Tang Shuang released Zhou Libos official identification report, saying that the report clearly pointed out that the evidence chain of Zhou Libos drug abuse was complete, and gave details of Hu Jie and Zhou Libos incident after Zhou Libos drug abuse was caught.