Did the farmers keep their business but did the wool party really lose?

 Did the farmers keep their business but did the wool party really lose?

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Reporter Wang Fujiao she Xiaochen

Editor Wen Shuqi

Recently, a news of pulling wool quickly appeared in hot search: the business mistakenly wrote 4500 kg of 4500g into 4500 kg. A up main passer-by a - with 600000 fans on station B seized the loophole of tmall fruit farmers setting, and encouraged fans to place a large-scale order of 28 yuan 4500 kg of oranges, with a trading volume of 7 million +.

Passerby a - gambles that the business cant deliver goods, and guides fans to ask tmall for compensation, which will directly lead to the closure of fruit farmers shops.

Public opinion quickly took the side of the weak side of the farmers. After the incident, Taobao issued a statement that it had resumed normal operation for the store; station B also sealed the main up. Not only that, even a small account with 14000 fans of the up owner has been picked out by netizens, and station B is also under pressure to seal its name.

Human blood orange! , netizens accused and reviled the main up. Passerby a - immediately made a statement on Weibo that he was willing to pay for his behavior, compensate the business for 20000 yuan of stop loss, and ask fans in the group to apply for a refund. The interface reporter tried to contact the up owner many times, but he refused to accept any interviews.

Tianyan check information shows that passerby a - has a company, named Anhui Hewan Trade Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 5 million, established in 2017; his tmall store is passerby As little station.

Lawyer you Yunting told the interface news reporter that the price setting was wrong, and the owner could claim to cancel the transaction fairly according to the civil law. But for up owners, it is not illegal for them to spread the news.

If he refuses to admit his mistake, the live video platform can punish him from the perspective of platform orientation. But as far as the law is concerned, its really hard to hold him accountable. According to lawyer you Yunting.

Weeding wool is the normal state of e-commerce industry

Zhihus netizens later revealed more information. This is not the first shop that up owners have pulled down. Before that, he used the same method to make stores such as yidahu flagship store and Yiye face crisis. Under pressure, these stores have issued statements to let netizens cancel orders.

The normal operation is that he first uses the B station video to guide users to add groups, and usually sends coupons in groups. Once the business makes a mistake, he will place a large number of orders and encourage friends to do it together. The purpose is not to take advantage of small things, but to pile up high orders, so that businesses can not send goods. Once the merchant cant deliver the goods, he will complain and get compensation, which will be deducted from the stores deposit.

His purpose is to guarantee the business.

Margin is a basic setting of Taobao, which aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and prevent merchants from running away. According to the relevant costs of tmalls opening a shop, the cost R (registered trademark) of a new one-year category of aquatic meat / fresh fruits and vegetables / cooked food is 50000 yuan of deposit + 30000 yuan of service fee, and the TM (unregistered trademark) is 100000 yuan of deposit + 30000 yuan of service fee.

More whistleblowers will trigger the compensation mechanism. However, according to passer-by a -, he is not the first to do so, nor will he be the last. Passerby a - will be sealed and passerby B - will be added. The people who collect wool have already become a part of e-commerce ecology. Whats different this time is that it touches the moral bottom line that people can tolerate - the weeding of wool directly becomes the weeding of sheep.

When you search HaoMao on Weibo, there will be countless accounts that teach you how to earn e-commerce wool. Some of them even have v-plus accounts. It mainly collects coupons, from professional link areas to video websites, with no less than B stations.

These accounts have sorted out the products of different stores, and the value of coupons is generally high. A pair of shoes with an original price of more than 100 and more than 160 per pair need less than 40 after receiving the coupons. Coupons show exclusive offers.

In another account little angel pickup, there are similar operations and different websites. These websites are the same layout and page, but the three words in the upper left corner of the page are different.

For the sake of safety, the group of passer-by a - has been almost disbanded recently, and it is forbidden to join the group. In the group, there are special issuers who send this kind of message, with details of commodities, prices, time for grabbing coupons and order methods. Even equipped with a dedicated customer service and shopping guide QQ group.

There are even some industry slang in the group, and the members of the group are ordinary people like you and me. Lily, a 25-year-old group member who often takes part in the work, told the interface news reporter that she usually buys some beauty products, small household appliances and so on.

First, you should pay attention to the accounts that collect wool. They will send some methods, that is, how to buy the cheapest one, or when this thing is new, and then I will pay attention to it. Lily said.

Follow the tips to join the shopping cart first. This process is called copy homework, the coupon is called homework, and the group is called drive a car.

Nowadays, these ways of collecting wool have changed from simply teaching people to get coupons, to helping people build buildings; from only collecting Ali wool, to how to collect and match the wool of Duoduo, Jingdong and vertical e-commerce.

According to previous reports in Oriental todays newspaper, in 2018, wing payment released an activity to divide up 30 million red envelopes, which requires 24 people to help, and many similar mutual aid groups were born. Most of the wool party, relying on QQ group, has also developed a QQ group wool industry chain.

There is no moral or legal dispute about simply collecting and collecting business coupons, but in similar orange events, organizations that take advantage of business settings or technological loopholes to gain a large number of benefits need to be considered differently.

Industrialization, scale and clear division of labor

With more and more e-commerce festivals, the division of labor of these wool parties is gradually clear. The technology of attack and defense of weeding wool has been involved in artificial intelligence, biological certification and other cutting-edge technologies.

There will be a video that will specifically introduce the nodes of e-commerce, the precautions for collecting wool, analyze the competitive situation of different e-commerce platforms, and teach users how to operate.

According to the data report of tongdun science and technology, in the past few years, the wool party has developed into a huge force. All kinds of data, means and tools needed in the process of collecting wool have promoted various gray industries in the upstream, such as: code receiving platform, commercial registration machine, agent platform, data provider and account provider. The structure of the whole industry chain of collecting wool is roughly As follows:

The early group control system functions around wechat marketing, mainly for wechat business services. In the group control system, functions such as simulation positioning, station street, shaking and batch import address book are provided to add a large number of wechat friends, and then directional message push is carried out through functions such as friend circle publishing and message group sending.

In some group control systems, robots are added, which can interact with users and produce real chat records.

Some group owners will also cooperate with technical personnel. Once the latest promotion methods appear on the e-commerce platform, they will invite special personnel to crack them. And in a group of forbidden words, a robot that keeps sending messages can be bought for tens of dollars on Taobao. There is almost no cost.

Huang Zheng, founder of pinduoduo, said in an interview with the media, in the decades of Chinese Internet history, black production is like a huge shadow over all companies trying to obtain users through marketing.

The background of Huang Zhengs remark is that in the early morning of January 20, 2019, there was a loophole in pinduoduo system, which could get universal coupons of 100 yuan without restriction. Subsequently, a large number of users swarmed in, and some coupons were quickly used to purchase telephone charges, virtual currency and other goods and reach a deal, even some users claimed that they had charged more than 500000 yuan.

At about 5 a.m., the news spread from the inner group of the wool party to the open channel, triggering the second round of high tide of ticket grabbing. It wasnt until about 10 am that day that the vulnerability was finally fixed by pinduoduo and all relevant coupons were removed from the shelves.

According to a security annual report of Alibaba, in various Internet business activities, red packets and coupons promotions that lack security prevention and control will be snatched by the wool party by various means, such as machine and small size, and 70% - 80% of the promotional offers will be taken away by the wool party. And then make a profit on the difference.

Although the major e-commerce platforms also try to fight against black and gray production by various means, it is a marathon struggle. Users make a lot of money, black and gray products make a lot of profits, and businesses sometimes turn a blind eye. After all, in the period of the loss selling of the double 11, they also earn eyeballs and sales. The relationship between the industry of black ash production and the businesses and consumers has existed for a long time with such a kind of abnormal tacit understanding.

Vague legal boundary

Similar events like pulling wool have existed for a long time, but the legal boundary has been blurred, which is also the reason why black ash production is so rampant.

Pinduoduo is very similar to the case. However, pinduoduo, as the platform side, has the ability to bear such losses, and does not set off similar sympathy. Pinduoduos official figure is that the loss of up to 10 billion yuan is not true, and it is estimated that the final actual capital loss caused by the incident is less than 10 million yuan. And then its over.

In April 2019, according to the peoples daily, a gang of pulling wool was so fierce that it alarmed the bank that the main culprit was sentenced to four years. The main reason for this case is that in recent years, it is rare to carry out fraud against credit card operators by illegal means such as obtaining personal information of citizens and registering false accounts. The amount involved in the case of iqiyi monthly card alone is more than 120000.

Sun Pengfei, the defendant of the case, started his own way of professional wool collection after illegally obtaining the personal information of citizens, and set up Dafei studio in Laiyang to become a professional team in the field of wool collection. Many participants considered this kind of behavior as resource recovery and did not violate the law. Most of us use our bank account number to participate in the activity. We dont steal other peoples information or swipe the card randomly. At most, we just take the bank discount, which belongs to the gray area.

However, in addition to the credit card and bank information, it is difficult for the law to give a definition of the act of pulling wool.

In 2014, Amazon marked a smart home sweeper robot with a price of 949 yuan as 94 yuan, resulting in 34000 orders in less than 12 minutes. After that, Amazon took the product off the shelves, deleted the relevant orders without authorization for the reason of wrong price, and returned the payment paid by the buyer.

After that, 290 consumers filed a lawsuit with Amazon. In March 2017, Beijing No.3 intermediate peoples court decided that Amazons operator, Beijing Shiji Zhuoyue, should bear the adverse legal consequences, and compensate 290 consumers for the difference between the order amount of each machine and the market price of 855 yuan and the lawyers fee of 3000 yuan.

The courts judgment reason is: if online shopping platform does not bear the liability for compensation, it will not be conducive to the regulation of false promotion and malicious unilateral cutting.

Article 49 of the e-commerce law, which came into force on January 1, 2019, stipulates that if the goods or services information released by the e-commerce operators meet the conditions of the offer, the user selects the goods or services and submits the order successfully, and the contract is established. E-commerce operators shall not stipulate that the contract will not be formed after consumers pay the price in the form of standard terms; if the standard terms contain such content, its content shall be invalid.

However, Beijing court website also issued an explanation that if the platform loopholes are actively used to defraud improper interests with false behaviors, it is black production and can not be regarded as collecting wool behavior.

For example, taking advantage of the weakness of the shared bicycle that does not have the navigation system, using the virtual GPS address software to create a false riding distance and riding time, in order to cheat the distributed red packets. In addition, the act of creating coupon loopholes by destroying computer systems and seeking illegitimate interests is also regarded as black production.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Wang Xiaowu NF