About winter Wuhan road show with Huo Jianhua and Wei Dachun

 About winter Wuhan road show with Huo Jianhua and Wei Dachun

Huo Jianhua and Wei Dachun love enemy cooperate with Taiwan tacitly

In the movie, Huo Jianhua and Wei Dachun are actually rivals of love, and they are the two most beloved lovers in the life of the heroine Enron (MA Sichun). A handsome and charming light up Enrons whole youth; a warm sunshine protects Enrons whole life. In this roadshow, the two men performed together for the first time. In the absence of Enron, they boasted and talked about each other. Huo Jianhua talked about the movie role experience for the first time: its not so perfect between Enron and Qixiao, but its very sweet when its sweet, and its also regrettable when its sad.. I think thats what life is like. We want to show the most real state of life. We cant be perfect in life. We are confused. Sometimes there will be little sweets. I think this play is complete and shows the real state of love.

Its hard for two men to choose the best

Huo Jianhua has played a lot of well-known TV dramas and many fans have commented that it is a breakthrough for him to watch Hua Ge play such a complicated role for the first time. As for Da Xun, who is a new generation of popular artists, he has also gained great popularity by virtue of his pleasant character image. His Yu Feng is very different from his own character, and the audience who has seen the film has given a very high evaluation of the role is deeply rooted in the peoples heart and tears directly..

Two male movie owners are all in the same frame, so even less female owners are safe! Although Ma Sichun himself was unable to come to the scene because of filming, a video of condolence came from the airdrop to say hello to audience friends and several creators. At last, he expressed his love to Mr. Qi and warm Maple respectively. On stage two people are Wang Po sells melon sells own this role to be better!

The film about in winter will be released on November 15.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Du Jiayue (nk6020)