Zhang MingEn: seamless transition between childishness and maturity

 Zhang MingEn: seamless transition between childishness and maturity

But later, who would have thought that Zhang MingEn was a 95 year old brother of fresh meat when he took off his uniform.

95 years of fresh meat is not rare, but childish up to about five-year-old actor, but very rare. A little egg during the interview proved that.

Before the interview, sister Yi sat opposite Zhang MingEn and waited with him for the camera to adjust the machine and light. At this time, Zhang Mingen, holding Neteases fashionable brand in his hand, turned his wrist and swung it around like a naughty little boy in kindergarten. Playing, I only heard the click bar sound, and the Mai Pai was thrown out. Zhang MingEn hurriedly got up to pick up the Mai Pai, smiled at sister Yi, Im sorry, Im sorry, and then immediately changed back to a prim schoolboys shape. He held the Mai Pai tightly and sat upright.

At this time, sister Yi bears her aunts smile, and her inner OS: what can a boy who laughs so sunny do except pet him.

Sometimes its like a five-year-old, but sometimes its a mature love expert. In the love reality show, the golden sentence is frequently used, and he always cares for his girlfriend properly. Such Zhang MingEn is called by netizens directly, raising the standard of boyfriend, and his identity is switched to boyfriend Zhang. He is mature as an old father.

Zhang MingEn is really a treasure boy full of contradictions when he switches between childishness and maturity seamlessly.

An interview with You Yan you pin: Zhang MingEn

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Interview with Zhang MingEn: seamless transition between childishness and maturity (source: Netease fashion)

Exclusive interview of Netease fashion

Netease fashion: how much do you rate your skincare level?

Zhang Mingen: give me a quarter.

Netease fashion: have you learned new skin care knowledge recently?

Zhang MingEn: I learned a new skincare knowledge this morning. The skincare needs to be tested and measured so carefully.

Netease fashion: what are your daily skin care steps?

Zhang MingEn: water, milk No more. Oh And sunscreen!

Netease fashion: what is your fashion matching principle?

Zhang Mingen: I wear whatever I want, mainly because I think its the most important thing for me to be comfortable and wear my own style.

Netease fashion: so is it comfortable to wear a 40 degree woolen hat?

Zhang Mingen: OK, I think Im good-looking, so you can wear it.

Netease fashion: are you a healthy boy?

Zhang MingEn: thats right.

Netease fashion: what health care methods are recommended to you?

Zhang MingEn: sleep more and stay up less.

Netease fashion: do you know girls cosmetics?

Zhang MingEn: most of it, because I usually make up in the crew.

Netease fashion: whats weird about girls cosmetics?

Zhang MingEn: Incredible For example, for example, concealer, it may have seven or eight, but the effect is the same, do not know what it is.

Netease fashion: netizens say that you have raised the standard of boyfriend in the publics mind, do you agree?

Zhang MingEn: I think its OK. Its normal.

Netease fashion: whats the principle of getting along with your girlfriend?

Zhang MingEn: this principle is very difficult (after thinking for a long time) its what you want to do in your mind and what you have to say. I think every girl is different. You need to find out your partners bottom line. Now that you have fumbled, or you have touched, its better to have a long memory.

Netease fashion: please ask Mr. Zhang Mingen to make a move online. What gift should I give to my girlfriend at the festival?

Zhang MingEn: take her to have a skin test, and then find a cosmetics suitable for her, because you must give a gift suitable for her. (speaking up)

Netease fashion: what if the test results are poor?

Zhang MingEn: then I need to buy something for her and let her adjust it.

Netease fashion: do you read your comments online?

Zhang MingEn: look. Look at these things. Actually, I think its more important to be yourself. If you think its right, then stick to it. If you think it may be wrong, try to correct it.

Netease fashion: how to release yourself when you are unhappy?

Zhang MingEn: its good to keep fit, play games and keep yourself focused.

Netease fashion: what kind of role would you like to try next?

Zhang Mingen: I want to try it all. Lets see what types and opportunities are available.

Lengmeng is in the middle of a smile

Zhang MingEn often appears in cool and handsome style at work, which is probably the reason why he can play the role of adjutant Zhang. Zhang MingEn looks cold when he doesnt laugh.

But in life, Zhang Mingen prefers fresh Korean style, or simple sports style.

Moreover, all the coldness on his face will be broken in a moment after a smile, and he will become a cute boy.

The last time sister Yi saw this smile, it was on this face. A kind of

Just yesterday, Zhang MingEn was still hung on the hot search because he stepped on a shocking thunder.

In the love reality show, when asked what did the other party do to make you start to move, Zhang MingEns answer is: I dont, I dont know what it feels like.

If I listen to this answer alone, I believe every girl will explode in situ, just like Xu Lu asked him on the spot, you are not attracted to me, then why are you with me? I just feel like I want to fall in love. This woman is right beside me, so its ok? Then you can fall in love with anyone.

But after listening to the preface and the postscript of the dialogue between Zhang and Xu Lu, you will find that Zhangs stepping on the pit is actually just because he is a steel straight man delayed by the noun explanation.

In Zhang MingEns understanding of the word heart, it is the impulse of love at first sight. His feelings for Xu Lu are based on thinking and decision, love both advantages and disadvantages, which he thinks is the attitude of responsibility for love.

In fact, the little crisis of Zhang MingEn and Xu Lu often happens to every couple. Girls perceptual thinking makes them believe in the right man and pursue fate and absolute heart. However, boys who are used to rational thinking often regard managing love as solving mathematical problems, and always push through the hurdles according to rules and principles.

It cant be said whether women think better or men think more right. It can only be said that men and women are naturally different animals, and love is so complicated that even Cupid has a headache. The best way is to make up for each others thinking and to contain each others contradictions.

Hot search public punishment of Zhang MingEn also immediately realized the seriousness of the matter, so boyfriend strength excellent demonstration came again, friends! Zhang Mingen uses his desire to survive that spills over the screen to make an explanation, which is also used to pull back a city for himself!

(sometimes for straight men, they are learning to please girls every day. Its really hard...) Such a lovely and mature Zhang MingEn, do you love him? Although other people have no chance, but sister Yi borrows a fan message she saw on the Internet as a summary: what if your Adu gets married? It doesnt matter, then even his wife and children together! Finally, I wish every couple a happy ending! Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Qianyi, nb12476

(sometimes for straight men, they are learning to please girls every day. Its really hard...)

Such a lovely and mature Zhang MingEn, do you love him? Although other people have no chance, but sister Yi borrows a fan message she saw on the Internet as a summary: what if your Adu gets married? It doesnt matter, then even his wife and children together!

Finally, I wish every couple a happy ending!