Young you: twenty years later, Chen Nian, you deserve to live mediocrely

 Young you: twenty years later, Chen Nian, you deserve to live mediocrely


Many people will blame the original family for all the pain. Old mother, that is even more needless to say. Anyway, hes a dealer selling fake goods, and hes in debt everywhere. The creditors all ran home and shouted for her to pay back the money. It was the most pitiful Chen Nian who was disturbed. Xiaobeis mother is not easy either. As a single mother, she finally gave up her son. Later happiness? Not known.

This is the so-called adult world for Chen Nian, a young girl and a young girl? No, no, no, even adolescence is very sad now. Chen Nian is experiencing one terrible school violence after another. Xiaobei is trying to protect her even if she wants to. However, Xiaobei is also a minor. The stupid way he came up with was laughable in the eyes of the police. But this is the courage of young people.


Chen Nian hopes to change his destiny through the college entrance examination, but the God of destiny will not let you achieve it. What should I do? The dead Willy was found. Chen Nian can go to school regardless of the running, and Xiao Bei can go to jail willingly. But the plot just develops like this, it doesnt seem to have any meaning. Chen Nian turns himself in. Doesnt she know what Xiaobei means? If Chen Nian wins, Xiaobei will not lose. But Chen Nian made a choice.

On the Internet, Chen Nians college entrance examination composition came out. Content, give yourself a letter 20 years later.. Lets see what happened to Chen Nian, who was twenty years ago? Zhang Ailing said: life is a gorgeous robe, crawling with lice. For Chen Nian, he is in the gutter at this moment. She works hard to look up to the stars, which is her belief. However, the road still has to go on step by step.


What will become of Chen Nian twenty years later? Youre 37 years old. You dont look too old. Youre not fat. You wear light makeup, sneakers, plain clothes and no logo on your bag. Without any intention, I am the most ordinary office worker. Like all 37 year olds, they no longer know 17 year olds. I ask you: Chen Nian, am I worth living? Chen Nian, desperate at that time, had been protected by Xiaobei.

In the letter: Chen Nian, 37, cant forget to come back to see me, 17. (Wen / piaoyutong) you asked six words, can I be mediocre? No, I replied What I didnt say was: even if you become a mediocre adult, we are all worth living. I want to say that not only Chen Nian but also you and I who are struggling to survive are worth living. Even though we are mediocre adults