Han Geng, Lu Jingshan: her boy and his girl have a lover

 Han Geng, Lu Jingshan: her boy and his girl have a lover


Han Geng called Lu Jingshan my girl and Lu Jingshan called Han Geng my boy. It seems that they are two people who are different from each other, but they get along with each other so strangely. After that, the news about Han Geng and Lu Jingshan was all about sweetness and happiness. It seems that everything is right to find the right person. It must be admitted that with the right people, your life will change dramatically.

Netizen Kua Hangeng (should also be in Kua Lu Jingshan), said that his prodigal son finally landed. Because, he found the true love. So, do you need to stay in this flower world too much? Love is around, how can other people pay more attention? Lu Jingshan righteousness joined war wolf 2, we remember such a zero gossip, no hype high-quality actor. She is worthy of Han Gengs love.


Today, I saw the suspected exposure of the wedding invitation of Han Geng and Lu Jingshan. The wedding invitation includes both the date and address of their marriage and their wedding photos. Han Geng and Lu Jingshan in the picture are too sweet to be happy. The taste of happiness comes and goes in the picture. When there is good news, we will share it with you as soon as possible, they said

Life is the most beautiful for the first time. Then look at the Golden Rooster Award ceremony that year. Han Geng helps Lu Jingshan walk slowly. Do you have any special gentlemen? Lu Jingshan then tweeted: thank you for helping me down the stairs! I didnt have a chance to say that just now. Thank you very much! Han Geng also commented, its my pleasure. Once and for all, this marriage was made. No wonder, some people say that Golden Rooster Award is a media person.


After Han Geng and Lu Jingshan announced their love affair, Wu Jing immediately sent a blessing: Hello, my boy and girl. And Aite Lu Jingshan and Han Geng, Wu Jing and their deeper origin. As mentioned before, Lu Jingshan joined in war wolf 2; in big talk journey to the west 3, Han Geng acted as monkey king and Wu Jing acted as Tang monk. Wu Jings blessing combines my girl and my boy.

Its rare to have a lover. I wish you all the best. Although, the exposure of this group of photos has not been confirmed. But the relationship between Han Geng and Lu Jingshan is stable. It should be said that their love affair is to get married. As for when to get married? It doesnt matter. Anyway, waiting for Lu Jingshans official Xuan in Wujing. Marriage is a great event. I wish them a happy life together!