Petition: Wei Wuxians appearance, why is Lanxi Chen happier than lanwangji?

 Petition: Wei Wuxians appearance, why is Lanxi Chen happier than lanwangji?


So, at that time, the blue forget machine just paid attention to this person. Even in order to block the return of Wei Wuxian, the two are still fighting on the roof eaves. Wei Wuxian thought that the martial arts of the small ancient were good. LAN forgets the machine secretly to think, who is this person? How can I even draw with myself. Whats more, Wei Wuxian hasnt pulled out casually. Blue forget machines avoid dust but no mercy, this did not win?

When Wei Wuxian ran to Mr. LAN and Mr. LAN Xichen to complain, LAN Juji stood quietly beside him and watched his performance. Lanxichen is very happy. Its good to have such a person. Dont say that the eldest brother is like a father - Blue Xichen can grow up healthily and happily for the sake of blue forgetting, so he should not spend less time. Do you think reading machine is easy? Blue forget the machine, you want to know what he thinks how hard?


LAN Xichen said, its good that you follow me this time. There are many children of the same age with you. Its time for you to make more friends. Actually, I think that Mr. Wei is good. Although he is willing to do something out of the ordinary sometimes, he is smart and cheerful. Blue forgets the machine to listen, unconsciously grasped to avoid the dust sword handle. Because, blue Xi Chen said in his mind.

How can all his changes escape from the eyes of lanxichen? Forget the opportunity, is master Wei good at Kung Fu? Youve got a good fight. This is the most reluctant fact for LAN to admit. For the first time, he left without any rules. Blue Xi minister smile, clear in the heart. After that, lanxichen asked, we can find out who goes in and out of Houshan. The answer is Wei Ying. Most of the people who call his name directly are close people!


Lanjuji is a simple minded but stubborn person. He didnt realize that the appearance of weiwuxian would completely change his life. But Lanxi Chen can see that Wei Wuxian is a friend worthy of deep friendship, but he didnt expect to make a deep acquaintance with the Taoist couple who can be blue forgetful. When he was a child, LAN was waiting for his mother to open the door for him. That kind of loneliness seeps into the marrow, only Wei Wuxian can cure him.

Of course, blue Xichen said in an interview: Wei Wuxians appearance, in fact, the happiest one should be blue Xichen. Wei Wuxian is about to leave Suzhou and return to yunmengjiang. Lanxichen looks at his back and says, when you leave, Yunshen will be as clean as ever. Blue forgets the machine to have the thought slightly, he is more clear: Wei Wuxians appearance leaves, own life has completely changed.

What lanxichen didnt expect was that from then on, Yunshen would never be clean again. Remember: fire, theft and Wei Ying...