Science is not just a tool in the world

 Science is not just a tool in the world

This Tencent Science Week is actually composed of the we conference, the first scientific exploration Award award ceremony and the first Tencent medical me conference.

Here, I do see the power of technology and the incredible future of mankind.

At Tencent medical me conference, David P. Ryan, clinical director of cancer center of Massachusetts General Hospital and lifelong professor of Harvard Medical School, said that cancer diagnosis and treatment is ushering in a new and significant progress - blood based cancer diagnosis method.

For example, protein markers, circulating blood tumor cells, free DNA, and some embryonic DNA are used to observe and detect whether there is a specific mutation in the DNA inherited from parents.

This method can greatly advance the diagnosis time of cancer. It is a lifesaver to know early diagnosis and early treatment.

In fact, cancer is not the number one killer. In China, whether in the countryside or in the city, the death rate of cardiovascular disease has exceeded 40%, twice that of cancer.

But fortunately, Xiao Ruiping, director of the Institute of molecular research of Peking University and deputy editor in chief of the New England Journal of medicine, has found the fatal factor mg53, which causes type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular complications. These findings will provide a new way for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the future.

At the me conference, Professor Xiao Ruiping also talked about an interesting animal experiment - the case of red faced monkeys. Treatment with monoclonal antibodies can make bald monkeys grow back their hair, and they still have enough hair four years after the use of antibodies.

That is to say, in the future, young people can not worry about the surprise of baldness as it comes, they can not worry about dredging the bathroom sewer.

There is a consensus among participants in the me conference that in the future, no disease is incurable and everyone is working hard for the coming of that day.

In addition to medical me conference, Tencent science we conference is more ambitious and brain burning.

Jennifer Jackson, a professor at Caltech, led the team to invent the seismic tomographic imaging technology, which can perspective the image of the earths interior like an X-ray film, and help people to further study the high-density giant foreign bodies in the earths core, namely the lumps in the earths core.

In the future, the earthquake problem will not disturb peoples production and life, it is like weather forecast in the ocean can be predicted.

Brian Greene, a professor in the Department of physics and mathematics at Columbia University, brings the latest results of string theory, one of the most cutting-edge explorations.

As a leader in string theory research, Brian Greene explains the possibility of multiple universes through three stories, maybe later, we will think that our universe is not the center of the whole universe, but just one of countless universes.

Wang Yifang, a leading figure in the field of high energy physics and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been devoted to the study of the most mysterious neutrinos in the universe.

Neutrino is the only particle with unknown mass, which is very difficult to capture and detect. It is also called ghost particle.

Wang Yifangs team successfully measured the neutrinos oscillation mode, opening up a new path for human beings to uncover the origin of the universe.

In addition to the me conference and we conference, Tencent science week also has a Tencent science exploration Award. 50 young scientists from 9 major fields have been selected from 1335 effective applicants,

Last year, on the 20th anniversary of Tencents founding, Tencent foundation announced that it would invest 1 billion yuan in the start-up fund to set up the scientific exploration Award.

We will support young scientific and technological workers aged 45 and under who work full-time in mainland China in the fields of basic science and cutting-edge technology. Each winner will receive a total of 3 million yuan for five consecutive years.

As early as 2013, in the opening speech of the first we conference, Ma Huateng said: We conference is the most different one. Here, we put aside our business concerns and focus on science to satisfy our curiosity and desire for the world.

Therefore, the whole Tencent Science Week is the most precious one. It is a pure science event without commercial profits.

This is a great good thing. Now there are too few projects without commercial infection. Once a lot of good ideas are infected with commercial interests, they will change. Science and technology just need to remove these impetuosity to achieve something.

This is the reassurance for scientists to focus on scientific research. With the support of this award, they will march towards the science unmanned area on behalf of all mankind, and continuously expand the boundary of human capabilities.

Finally, I would like to say that some people may think that basic science, medical technology and cutting-edge technology are too far away from themselves.

But in fact, these technologies really exist around us and are closely related to our lives. As the article said at the beginning, we just use them as tools, and we dont know ourselves in them. These scientists are the creators of this tool.

The fact is that generations of scientists bear the burden of the world and human beings. When we reach this historical node, we cant live without the development of science and technology, and we cant live without the development of science and technology, which has changed everything.

The most important thing is that technology cannot be planned. Every breakthrough is a subversion of imagination. No one knows where the future and limit are.

So, I hope that Tencent Science Week will continue year after year, giving people an answer and the world an answer.