Wall Street bronze bull, a landmark for nearly 30 years, is moving

 Wall Street bronze bull, a landmark for nearly 30 years, is moving

Beijing, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) - the New York City Government announced Thursday that it would soon move away the landmark Wall Street bronze bull in lower Manhattan for security reasons, according to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao.

The bronze Bull has been in its current position for nearly 30 years and has become a symbol of Wall Street. The relocation plan has been in the works for some time, but it has caused dissatisfaction among the creators of Tongniu and local community groups.

Infographic: Wall Street bronze bull sculpture.

[creator against relocation

Mayer, a spokesman for New York City Mayor Bethlehem, said Tuesday that the city government is finalizing a plan to move the bronze bull to a pedestrian plaza near the New York stock exchange a few blocks away, but has yet to set a specific timetable. Meyer said the move was to protect the safety of New Yorkers, and the exchange has agreed to pay for the transportation of the sculpture.

Tongniu is located in a narrow area at the northernmost end of Bowling Green Park, sandwiched between two roads, close to a zebra crossing. The city government hopes to move away Tongniu so as to provide more space for pedestrians and eliminate the risk of tourists being hit by passing vehicles.

The move was opposed by Arturo dimodica, the bronze bull creator and Italian sculptor, and Arthur Piccolo, the president of the Bowling Green Association.

Infographic: people take photos in front of the Wall Street bronze bull. Photo by Ruan Yulin, China News Agency

In a letter, piccolo denounced white Sihao as an immoral power abuser and challenged him to launch a debate at the location of the bronze bull.

Piccolo revealed that the mayors office sent an email to Modica on the 23rd of last month, in which it mentioned a study of potential terrorist targets in 2017, referring to the fact that the bronze bull is located in the middle of Broadway, attracting a large number of people and posing a security risk. But Piccolo believes the city should do something to improve the resistance of the area where the bronze cattle are located, such as installing bollards to block vehicles.

The bronze Bull has been standing in Bowling Green Park for nearly 30 years, and its the best place for it, Piccolo said. There is no reason to have to move it now.

Infographic: in 2011, occupy wall street protesters passed through the famous Wall Street logo bronze bull sculpture, where riot police were guarding. Photo by Li Yang, China News Agency

[repeatedly become the target of venting anger

In fact, this is not the first time for Tongniu to move. The 7000 pound statue, which represents power and strength, was created by Modica in two years. It was placed at the gate of the New York Stock Exchange late one night in December 1989 as a Christmas gift to the city.

At that time, wall street just survived the stock market crash in 1986, and the bull was a symbol of the markets rise. However, the exchange did not like the surprise and quickly found someone to transport it to a place in Queens. Modica then negotiated with the authorities to finally settle down in Bowling Green Park.

Infographic: the bulls horn of Wall Street bronze bull was smashed into a gap.

Since then, as the bronze Bull has become a symbol of Wall Street, it has gradually become the object of public anger. On the poster of the occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, the bronze bull was trampled by a ballet dancer.

In September 2019, a man once smashed the right corner of the bronze bull with a hard object, causing a crack several centimeters long, and the maintenance cost was up to 15000 US dollars. In October, the bronze bull was splashed with fake blood red paint by protesters of the environmental protection organization against extinction.

Infographic: on Wall Street, the bronze statue of fearless girl faces the famous Wall Street bronze bull with hands akimbo.

In addition, in March 2017, a statue of fearless girl supporting gender equality was erected opposite to Tongniu. At that time, Modica accused the statue of distorting the positive image of the bronze bull, and finally the fearless girl was moved to the open-air square outside the New York Stock Exchange at the end of last year. It is not clear whether the new home of Tongniu in the future will be near the fearless girl.

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Xiao Qi, nn6799