Wang Sicong is restricted to consume 6.3 billion yuan of investment and financing territory

 Wang Sicong is restricted to consume 6.3 billion yuan of investment and financing territory

On November 9, Wang Sicong, chairman of Beijing price capital and director of Wanda Group, became the executee and was issued a consumption restriction order by Shanghai Jiading District Peoples court.

The above consumption restriction order shows that on August 12, 2019, the court filed the case of Cao Yue, the applicant, who applied for the execution of other contract disputes of Shanghai Panda mutual Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. because panda mutual failed to perform the payment obligations specified in the effective legal documents within the period specified in the execution notice, it was taken consumption restriction measures to restrict its legal representative, main person in charge and affect the performance of debt Wang Sicong, the person directly in charge of the bank and the actual controller of the bank, shall not carry out high consumption and non life and work necessary consumption behaviors. The date of promulgation of the consumption restriction order is October 12, 2019.

Screenshot source: China executive information disclosure network

It is understood that the above high consumption behaviors include:

(1) when taking a means of transportation, the second class or above class spaces of aircraft, train soft sleeper and ship shall be selected;

(2) high consumption in hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places above the star level;

(3) purchase of real estate or new, expanded or high-grade decorated houses;

(4) leasing high-grade office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places for office;

(5) purchase of vehicles not necessary for operation;

(6) travel and vacation;

(7) children attend high fee private schools;

(8) paying high premium to purchase insurance and financial products;

(9) other consumption behaviors not necessary for living and work, such as taking all seats of g-head EMU train, and more than one class seats of other EMU trains.

Just three days ago, he was listed on the list of executors

Just three days ago, according to the China implementation information disclosure network, Wang Sicong was listed as the person to be enforced on November 4, and the Executive Court was the second intermediate peoples Court of Beijing. From the perspective of execution information, the subject matter of execution is 151437840 (yuan), which means that the person to be enforced shall pay about 151 million yuan of principal, interest and delayed performance to the applicant. ?

Screenshot source: China executive information disclosure network

Subsequently, the second middle court of Beijing said that Wang Sicong did have an execution case as the executor in the court, with the case number of (2019) jing02 execution No. 1325, which was just put on file for execution on November 4.

Some people in the legal circle explained that this meant Wang Sicong owed at least 150 million yuan. For example, the court sentenced the defendant to lose money, but the defendant has not lost money. The plaintiff proposed compulsory execution to the court. After the court agreed, the defendant became the person to be enforced.

It is worth mentioning that the executee and the dishonest executee are two different concepts.

The person subjected to execution refers to the party who refuses to perform the court judgment or arbitration award after the expiration of the statutory appeal period or after the final judgment is made. After the court adjudicates the plaintiffs victory in the civil action, if the defendant fails to complete the compensation amount stipulated in the judgment within the legal time on compensation and is enforced by the court for compensation, then the defendant is called the person who is enforced this time.

The dishonest executor refers to the executor who has the ability to perform but fails to perform the obligations determined by the effective legal documents, commonly known as Laolai.

Wang Sicong was listed as the person to be enforced, but will not be listed as a dishonest person as long as he voluntarily performs the repayment, the Beijing Second Intermediate Peoples court said.

At the same time, @ Peoples court reported that Wang Sicong was only the person who was enforced, not the person who was dishonest.

Equity of several companies is frozen

Wang Sicong, the son of Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, is listed as the executor this time, according to the public information of enterprise credit agencies.

Wang Sicongs shares in price capital have also been frozen recently. According to tianyancha data, the equity of Beijing price Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as price capital), which is chaired by Wang Sicong and holds 100% of the shares, has been frozen by Shanghai Baoshan peoples court. The specific amount of the freezing is ominous. The freezing date is from October 15, 2019 to October 14, 2022. ?

Screenshot source: tianyancha

Prior to this, Wang Sicongs shares in a number of companies as executives or shareholders were also frozen.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, the reporter calculated that by the time of publication, the total value of Wang Sicongs frozen equity had exceeded 84.45 million yuan.

Review: from 500 million to more than 6.3 billion,

Deciphering the investment and financing territory of Wang Sicongs entertainment E-sports Empire

From the initial 500 million yuan to the 6.3 billion yuan of Wang Sicong announced by Hurun fortune in 2017, how to realize the ten fold accumulation of capital when the market did not favor the rise of this dandy?

November 3 is an exciting day for Chinese hero league players. The Ig team won the championship in the S8 global finals of the League of heroes, which is the first time that the Chinese mainland team has won the LPL championship in 8 years.

Statistics show that the number of people watching the live broadcast of the global finals has exceeded 200 million, and the number of people watching the live broadcast of station B has exceeded 60 million, which means that at least 60 million Chinese viewers have paid attention to the game.

In addition to Ig, Wang Sicong, the boss of the hot search team, once raised eyebrows. This war undoubtedly made Wang Sicong transform from the image of noisy childe, and reach the top of the global vision. In the field of e-Competition, he invested in the creation of the second generation of Godfather level.

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Wang Sicongs fortune soared

Looking back on August 2011, when Wang Sicong announced on his microblog that he would enter and integrate the e-sports with strength, and took the 500 million yuan from his father Wang Jianlin to buy CCM team and set up the Ig E-sports club, the market thought it was just a new round of eye-catching uproar of this childe.

After seven years, the winning of Ig is the best proof of Wang Sicongs successful investment layout. Nowadays, more and more investors may not understand e-sports, but they are aiming at China e-sports, which is still in the blue ocean. Wang Sicong has been in a comprehensive layout for a long time, and has the leading layout of champion team and the whole industrial chain of e-sports industry. His wealth has also achieved a dozen times of growth in just seven years.

According to tianyancha, the 21st century economic report reporter, Wang Sicong is the legal representative, shareholder or investor of 46 companies, of which Beijing Pusi Investment Co., Ltd. registered in 2009 is the core of Wang Sicongs capital operation.

Dong MI, an entertainment company in Beijing, told the 21st century economic reporter that it was a well-known story. Wang Sicong was unwilling to do business according to the idea of family business. Wang Jianlin gave Wang Sicong 500 million yuan of pros capital. Since then, Wang Sicong began to test the layout of his favorite E-sports Entertainment industry.

From the initial 500 million yuan to the 6.3 billion yuan of Wang Sicong announced by Hurun fortune in 2017, how to realize the ten fold accumulation of capital when the market did not favor the rise of this dandy?

The 21st century economic reporter combed Wang Sicongs relevant enterprises and found that e-commerce is an important part of its investment and financing layout, and the Ig club, banana plan and panda live broadcast are also the three most important companies in Wang Sicongs e-commerce empire.

Acquisition and reconstruction of Ig E-sports club is the basis of content output. One of the revenue sources of E-sports is based on the live broadcasting platform. Wang Sicong invested 20 million in Panda TV, the game live broadcasting platform, in 2015. Now it has become the third largest game live broadcasting platform in China, second only to douyu and Huya. Before that, the industry valuation has reached 5 billion yuan.

The banana plan has improved Wang Sicongs E-sports layout. The company was founded in June 2015. Its business scope includes E-sports events, online platform operation, media, etc. Banana game is an e-Competition department under the banana program, and has been invested by Jingwei, IDG capital and other institutions, with a valuation of more than 200 million yuan.

The former entertainment company Dong Bi pointed out that unlike the image of the cynical second generation of rich people on Weibo, those who have ever really negotiated with him will know that he has a keen business mind and meticulous thinking. His investment in his e-sports industry is a long-term and complete layout of the whole industrial chain.

In an interview with 21st century economic news reporter, it was learned that Wang Sicongs traffic and the championship effect of the Ig team might push the valuation of the Ig team to more than 1 billion yuan, referring to the valuation of the RNG team of 2 billion yuan. Previously, it was rumored that Wang Sicong would transfer his shares of panda TV for a price of 3 billion yuan. The overall valuation of the banana program reached 260 million in 2016. Wang Sicongs wealth accumulation brought by these three companies alone may have exceeded 4.3 billion yuan. In addition to the capital accumulation of its investment projects in recent years, the industry has calculated its capital has exceeded 6 billion.

Wang Sicongs personal wealth has been snowballed.

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From electronic competition to pan Entertainment

Wang Sicongs investment layout is not limited to e-sports, as can be seen from the investment of its core company, price capital. According to the official website of price capital, there are more than 30 public investment cases, including many listed companies.

The investment involves a wide range of fields. Internet bar chain enterprises, high-tech material manufacturers, super high-speed rail companies, knowledge-based economy sharing platforms, talk show production teams, film special effects companies, boutique travel online solution providers, funeral industry companies are all investment targets. Overseas enterprises such as the United States and South Korea are also mostly involved, most of which are concentrated in round a and later u3002

There are many listed companies in Wang Sicongs investment territory, including Fu Shouyuan, Wuxi pilot intelligence, palm Co., Ltd., Tian Ge interactive, Yunyou holding, Le Dou game, etc.

In addition, Wang Sicongs personal investment is also quite representative. Among the investors of the blockbuster movie war wolf 2 in the past few years, in addition to Wanda film and television being the co producer, Wang Sicong also made additional investment in his own name, with 25% of his exclusive share and dozens of investment profits.

In twenty-first Century, the economic report combing reporters found that in addition to the initial results of the electric race Empire, under the banana plan and the platform panda TV, Wang Sicong was still producing high-quality variety content such as Tucao conference. Combined with the star making plan, he tried to create a pan entertainment empire through competition and game business across entertainment, film and television, sports, music and other industries.

This time, the winning of Ig will undoubtedly accelerate the further construction of its pan entertainment empire.

An E-sports enthusiast told the 21st century economic reporter that the direct income from Igs winning the championship mainly includes the bonus of about 6 million yuan and the bonus around the champions skin. The income of tens of millions may not be worth mentioning for this super rich second generation. In addition to the teams price, the flow effect of Ig in the future is unlimited.

He pointed out that the golden age of E-sports players is only 16-22 years old. After retirement, the development of players has become a hidden worry for many players. The layout of Ig binding panda live broadcast is to leave the flow of champion players on panda TV. The most popular game anchor can bring 3-5 million viewers to the top, while the live broadcast of champion players can easily reach 7-10 million viewers. Their popularity and appeal can be said to be invincible. He speaks frankly.

Panda TV, which used to have a high valuation in Wang Sicongs industry, has also faced many questions and disputes. As a money burning industry, panda TV has always been difficult to make profits mainly through financing, and it was once said that Wang Sicong would sell panda TV. Zhang Juyuan, its coo, once pointed out that Wang Sicong would always be the CEO of panda live broadcasting, and had achieved a break even.

Zhang Juyuan also said frankly that at present, the advertising revenue of the live broadcast industry is not successful. For most Internet companies abroad, the advertising revenue will account for about 50% of the revenue, while the domestic platform only accounts for about 10%. In the future, advertising revenue brought by traffic will be the main revenue direction of the live broadcasting platform.

Dong MI, the former entertainment company, pointed out that panda TV has undoubtedly increased the base of traffic after ig won the title, and even further stimulated Wang Sicongs e-Competition industry. In the future, Wang Sicongs Pan entertainment layout may be further integrated and revitalized on the basis of e-Competition.

However, whether Wang Sicongs original intention is the same or not, it should be difficult for others to figure out.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Xiao Qi, nn6799