A blind drug dealer in Ningbo was caught using drugs to control two mistresses

 A blind drug dealer in Ningbo was caught using drugs to control two mistresses

Beijing news today (November 9), Beijing News reporters learned from Cixi Public Security Bureau in Ningbo that police seized a drug trafficking gang headed by the blind drug dealer a Bing, arrested 13 suspects including a Bing and seized more than 100 grams of drugs.

According to the police in charge of the case, the police received a clue from the masses that there was a gang of drug traffickers in Cixi City who had been selling drugs in the city for a long time. Through investigation, the police found that the leader of these drug traffickers was an old acquaintance, a Bing.

According to reports, a Bing is a blind man, long-term drug use, has been arrested by the police many times. Due to physical reasons, the police were unable to detain him. In order to help him get rid of drug addiction, the police also sent him to a compulsory rehabilitation center, but he was unable to take care of himself and was not accepted because he was blind. But I didnt expect that the disabled became the umbrella and blind umbrella of a Bings drug trafficking.

After investigation, a Bings drugs came from a place in Sichuan. He manipulated two mistresses who were addicted to drugs, contacted the outside world, sold drugs and developed his younger brother through drugs. Gradually become a clear division of drug gangs.

The suspect was arrested at the scene. Cixi police map

After obtaining the evidence, Cixi and Sichuan police joined forces to arrest abing and other members of the gang, 13 people in total, and more than 100 grams of drugs. At present, nine people, including a Bing, have been detained by the police in accordance with the law, and the case is still under further investigation.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Zhang Jingya editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556