The remains of eight Chinese victims in the air crash in Ethiopia were transported home

 The remains of eight Chinese victims in the air crash in Ethiopia were transported home

The claim for the remains of the air crash victims in Ethiopia has been completed. @Data map of Xinhua viewpoint

From October 27 to November 1, according to the arrangement of Ethiopian Airlines, the families of the Chinese victims in the air crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight et302 went to Ethiopia to claim the remains of the victims, and 8 Chinese victims returned to their families.

Since the air crash in March this year, the Embassy in Ethiopia has kept close contact with the Ethiopian air crash handling team and their families, followed up the follow-up process of the accident, informed their families of relevant progress in a timely manner, and done a good job in communication and comfort. After receiving the notice that Ethiopian Airlines started the work of returning the remains of Chinese victims, the embassy immediately contacted the families of the victims, established a special reception team, formulated a detailed reception plan, actively assisted the families to arrange visas, air tickets, accommodation, food and coordinate the air disaster handling team to confirm the claim process, and prepare for transportation and customs clearance procedures.

During their stay in Ethiopia, the Embassys temporary agent visited the hotel for many times in summer to understand their demands and inquire about the claim progress. The consular officer of the embassy followed up the claim and witnessed the coffin sealing of the remains. In the meantime, many family members suffered from physical discomfort due to high altitude reaction and excessive grief. The embassy arranged experts from the medical team of ISAR aid to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment at the first time, and provided psychological guidance to help ease the sadness.

In the early morning of November 1, the remains of the last two Chinese victims were transported back to China accompanied by relatives. So far, more than seven months after the incident, all Chinese victims of the Ethiopian air crash finally returned to their motherland and relatives.

May the dead rest in peace and the living be strong.

Source: editor in charge of consular express: Du Shuo, nb12556