Kyoto animation arsonist under investigation Japanese media: the suspect confesses to the crime

 Kyoto animation arsonist under investigation Japanese media: the suspect confesses to the crime

Photo: on July 20 local time, after a fire broke out in Kyoto animation studio, Japan, the interior of the burning building was exposed. The picture shows the exterior wall of the building on fire.

According to the report, 41 year old Qingye was suspected of splashing gasoline and setting fire in the first studio of Kyoto animation company in the funken area of Beijing on July 18, causing 36 deaths and 33 injuries. Police later obtained an arrest warrant for suspected homicide and arson, but still cant catch Qingye.

Japanese law enforcement officials said the Kyoto government police went to the hospital on the 8th to investigate Aoye for the first time after the arson. Although Qingyes condition has recovered to be able to talk with people, he still cant stand. In the future, the Kyoto government police will judge when to arrest Qingye according to his recovery.

According to the NHK, Aoye confessed to having committed the crime when he was under investigation. As for the motive of arson, Aoye said it was because the novel was stolen.

According to reports, this is the first time Qingye has been investigated by the police after the Kyoto animation arson, which took about an hour.

According to the report, the police investigation record of the suspect while in hospital will be the point of dispute in the future when he is tried in court. Kyoto government police have been carefully assessing whether to investigate Qingye in the hospital. The investigation on the 8th may have been conducted only when they thought Qingye could accept the investigation.

However, whether Qingye can be detained by the police for a long time depends on the doctors guarantee. When the police can arrest Qingye is not known.

Source: editor in charge of China News Network: Xiao Qi, nn6799