The 77 year old billionaire raid in the U.S. disrupts the democratic election more complicated

 The 77 year old billionaire raid in the U.S. disrupts the democratic election more complicated

Beijing, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) - hours before the deadline for the registration of the Democratic primary in Alabama, the US billionaire and former mayor of New York City Bloomberg registered for election, paving the way for joining the 2020 election campaign, according to a comprehensive report. According to the analysis, Bloombergs raid complicated the Democratic Partys chaotic election situation.

Infographic: former mayor of New York, Bloomberg. Photo by Chen Gang, China News Agency

[retired at the beginning of the year for fear of Bidens momentum?

Bloomberg, 77, is Bloombergs founder and chief executive, with a fortune of about $53.4 billion, and is No. 8 on Forbes richest American list. Bloomberg has been an active advocate of climate change and gun control, and a philanthropist.

Bloomberg ran for mayor of New York as a Republican candidate at the end of 2001, and then won re-election twice. In 2007, he retired from the Republican Party and became an independent. In 2018, he joined the Democratic Party before it won the mid-term congressional election.

At one point, Bloomberg considered running in 2016, but finally gave up and supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He has also seriously considered competing for the 2020 election, actively recruited senior aides from Obama and Hillary Clinton, organized a campaign team, visited states that held earlier primaries, and conducted large-scale public opinion surveys. But in March 2019, with the race for the Democratic presidential primaries raging, Bloomberg abruptly withdrew.

At that time, media analysis pointed out that Bloomberg withdrew from the election because he was afraid of the former Vice President Bidens momentum. For the traditional Democratic voters, the image of Bloomberg and Biden is too close. Both of them are old white men over 70 years old. At the same time, they both represent the values of the partys moderates and American middle voters.

Compared with Biden, Bloombergs political momentum and network are not prominent. Some supporters worry that his previous political attributes and excessive wealth may become his negative assets. Therefore, Bloomberg will withdraw from the election only when he is worried about the secession of the moderates and the partys radical left and Trumps interests.

Infographic: former Vice President Biden of the United States.

[will Biden be hit by the disruption of the democratic election campaign?

At present, Bloomberg has not personally issued a declaration, but his campaign has been regrouped. His staff said that in the past six months, Bloomberg was disappointed with the performance of the Democratic Partys candidates and felt that trump would become invincible in this way, so he would join the election at the last minute.

Wolfson, an adviser and spokesman for Bloomberg, said Bloomberg was skeptical that the current Democratic candidate would beat trump. Based on his achievements, leadership and the ability to bring people together to drive change, Mike (Bloombergs name) will be able to challenge trump and win, Wolfson said

However, after Biden entered the election, although the polls remained ahead, but the performance was mediocre. At the same time, Trumps scandal of Tong Wumen, which made trump deeply involved in impeachment storm, also had a great negative impact on Bidens image. In mid October, Bidens support rate was once surpassed by Warren, which made Bloomberg ignited the idea of rejoining the war.

After Bloombergs election, Biden, who has similar routes and highly overlapping supporters, is expected to suffer the biggest impact.

Infographic: former mayor of New York, Bloomberg. Li Yang photo

How will his participation affect the 2020 election?

With Bloomberg, there are now 18 candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. According to recent polls, Biden is still in the leading position, with the top three candidates far ahead of other candidates.

According to reports, a joint poll by ABC News and the Washington Post showed that among registered Democrats and pro Democrats, Biden had 28% of the vote, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren 23% and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 17%. Of all registered voters, Biden had 27%, Warren 21% and Sanders 19%.

A joint poll by NBC news and the Wall Street Journal showed similar results, with Biden 27%, Warren 23% and Sanders 19%. The results of Fox News poll show that Bidens approval rate is 31%, Warrens is 21% and Sanders is 19%.

In addition, Pete puttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, ranked fourth in all three polls, with a support rate between 6% and 9%. Its worth noting that budgier has shown great strength in individual state polls. According to the Iowa State poll data released on October 31 by the University of Iowa, budgiers support rate has reached 20%.

Welcome to the campaign! If you are looking for a very popular policy plan that will have a great impact on the working population, please look here first, Warren tweeted after Bloomberg considered the news of the campaign With a link to her website, its ironic to calculate how much tax the rich will pay when shes elected. Sanders tweeted: the billionaires are scared, and they should be.

Asked about Bloombergs candidacy, a White House spokesman said trump has achievements that can prove that he will do great things for the American people, so the president will win no matter who is against him in the end.

Source: responsible editor of China News Network: Du Shuo, nb12556