What does Yang Chaoyue, the beauty of the puppet, rely on to hold the high-definition picture of the face?

 What does Yang Chaoyue, the beauty of the puppet, rely on to hold the high-definition picture of the face?

Wuli surpasses her sisters close shot. Her big eyes are like Barbie.

The skin condition exposes well, adds the pink natural halo to dye the lip makeup, the flash light only made the beautiful face to help her! Because under the flash, her skin is clearer! Later, Kois eyes were uncomfortable because of the stroboscopic lights, and they rubbed their eyes with a lovely straight smile.

But it doesnt affect the beauty at all. It looks a little cute.

This simply refreshes South Korean netizens understanding of beauty, saying that Yang Chao is doll beauty and living Barbie.

In fact, the most important thing is her beautiful and clear muscle base! No heavy make-up, all you need is the hottest transparent muscle in autumn and winter!

Under heavy autumn and winter clothes, only transparent skin is the king.

The white and transparent skin of little sister Pei Zhuji, a member of the Korean womens group red velvet, when she attended the activity, was amazing to you? Not only did the news website expose the photos, but also the personal ins account showed the makeup pictures. The playful girl wore a cute and neat ponytail.

But the most important thing is that the sense of transparency is really bursting out of the skin, making her whole person look full of teenage sense!

Rui Xiaomeis favorite is her latest advertising blockbuster. Its tender, clear and full of praise. Its not only the stars we see replacing the transparent muscle in unison, but also the models and sisters on INS have chosen the transparent muscle base as cleverly as they have made an appointment.

So what is the standard of transparent muscle base? Transparent skin is not white or greasy on the surface, but healthy skin luster from inside out!

One of the main factors that affect the transparent muscle base is the wrong habit of skin care and makeup removal. The other, more importantly, is the method of bottom makeup and the color selection of subsequent makeup. Too dark color will make the original clear skin inexplicably yellow or dirty oh.

The little sister with yellow skin should first mix the color of the skin with purple make-up milk before considering the follow-up makeup. Dont give up make-up milk if you think you have congenital advantages. The pink make-up milk will make the white muscle base more beautiful and send out charming skin luster!

Does A have different foundation to create different muscle bottom effects? The answer, of course, is yes! 1. using liquid foundation to create luster aristocratic muscles is a secret that makes people fall in love at first sight.

Apply the natural glossy base liquid to the forehead, chin and eyes, and then push it into a small area.

The whole face will be too bright! Dip a small amount of liquid foundation with a mini brush, smear it on the cheek and nose bridge, and leave the rest on the forehead. Dont smear under the nose.

Apply a small amount of concealer to the bottom of your eyes, push it evenly with your fingertips, remove the dull and enhance the sense of transparency. Press the whole face with the palm of your hand, so that the foundation can be served. At the same time, the grease and the grease of the face show a moderate luster. Dior makeup solution

2.no foundation to create refreshing shells tender muscles, so that people can not help but knead the face of praise!

Apply the pre make-up cream on the palm of the hand and then on the whole face, press the whole face with the palm of the hand, and then press the delicate parts under the eyes and around the nose wing with the fingers.

If you have acne, you can do it with your eyes and mouth and nose, and enhance your sense of transparency with your skin.

Easy to oil out of the T-zone and more pores of the chin with honey powder press, its done! NYXCOLORCORRECTINGPALETTE

B + 1 can advance the transparent skin beauty! Make good use of the color control make-up front cream at your hand! According to the different desire of skin beautifying, choose the breast before toner and make-up to inhibit the red blood, red acne, or the parts easy to red in the T area, then use green, which can be modified naturally.

Hope to present a three-dimensional feeling, add a bright color to the Yellow make-up front milk to easily present a three-dimensional make-up feeling!

Gloom is the biggest enemy of transparency. When you want to eliminate gloom and dark circles, you can use the orange make-up front milk. Do not forget to smear the end of the eye!

In the hope of creating a foreign girls feeling, the pink that gives the ruddy feeling can most present the feminine flavor. The lovely feeling of exotic style can be easily created with pink!

Hope to highlight the sense of transparency, blue x pink purple can create a sense of transparency, so that you are closer to the goal of natural whiteness!

Step1 make up front series

A. purplish red should enhance transparency by luster!

HOWTO uses purple red pearl eye shadow to dot the top of the eye, then draws the eye shadow to the 1/3 position at the bottom of the eye, and compacts the outline. Dip the deep purple red lipstick with the gloss in your fingers, and coat your lips together. Let the lipstick blend with the lips to create a sense of moisture. Silvery Satin bright eye shadow in the house of Edith

B. enhances the overall sense of transparency with white eyeliner.

HOWTO if you want to try white eyeliner, the most commonly used eye shadow is latte or brown. With just a little bit of it, you can make the finishing touch, brighten your eyes and create a soft feeling. Use white eyeliner to draw shadows at the end of the eye, then draw a faint line that looks like an eye, creating a sense of softness. Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner

C. add warm colors to enhance transparency

Howto autumn and winter is the most used gray tone, in order to make the gray tone does not become the main role, you can add orange, let the color become very good! Use gray eye shadow to dye the eye socket, then apply the orange eye shadow to the 1/2 at the double skin. Do not blot when applying it. Orange eye shadow should also be applied to the lower eyelids, with a thin Eyeshadow stick, then carefully stained from the lower eyelid to the eye tail. Saint Laurent sweet lips and cheeks cream

D. emphasize eyebrow contour to enhance transparency

HOWTO uses the green green eyebrow to draw out a strong eyebrow makeup feeling, plus a delicate orange brown lipstick color, making a strong contrast to highlight the skins sense of transparency. After mixing the army green eyebrow powder with other colors, smear the whole eyebrow, and finally emphasize the outline of the eyebrow and the hair on the eyebrow. Use the lip brush to dip into the elegant orange brown lipstick. First evenly spread the entire lip, then use the eyebrow brush to outline the outline carefully, and make the brow peak clear. Automatic eyebrow pencil for dream makeup

Well, Rui Xiaomei can only help you here. I hope you are all a little cute transparent muscle hidden in the thick coat!