Blackpink has more fans than South Korea. Whats the devil combination?

 Blackpink has more fans than South Korea. Whats the devil combination?

Real Barbie Lisa

Korean version of tosoo

Rose, ant waist lead singer

Thats right. Theyre all over Europe and Africa:



Before I wrote about seasonal wear, I often used Lisa as a model for collocation, but I never picked up the daily Private clothes of these beautiful young girls.

The four of them have different styles, which are worth learning from their sisters~

Today, coke is coming to pick up the clothes and hairstyles of the sisters. Its just around the corner~

Key words of wearing or hairstyle

Lady Royal sister / gentle and clever

Black long straight / broken hair / natural color

Jennie, who is loved by everyone, is famous before her debut. She cooperates with CL to participate in the MV of Gd, and the European and American voice singing solo makes her circle numerous and popular in Asia.

After the formation of the group, the fashion resources are the highest in the group. Take Chanel at one stroke:

The new bags are endless, wearing high order front row to watch the show

She has the appearance of a sweet girl, but she looks rebellious and lazy,

Cat system

The aura makes her gentle and charming in her life. Under the spotlight, shes all powerful. Shes full of style.

Fly to Paris to participate in activities, the whole xiangnanas knitting series.

Pullover knitted sweater + black pants, lively and playful. Turn around and put on cardigan + buttock skirt, sexy and charming.


Come back this autumn and winter, nini

Suit or skirt,

She was dressed in cool and soft clothes. It was easy on formal occasions~

Ninis preference in life


Woven coat + wide leg pants,

The plush texture makes her more like a cute and proud little wild cat~

Short black coat + wide leg jeans,

Like Nini, it can lengthen the proportion. Fat girls can hide their thigh meat. Skinny girls can also be full visually~

Folding is also her favorite way of dressing. Recently, Nini went to Paris at night

Long wool dress + denim coat,

Basic piece, looks comfortable;

A long dress with a boyish blazer,

Walking at the forefront of fashion, she has all the popular items~

Speaking of Ninis hair style, cola found that she had recently cut short hair... Emmm, it seems that her hair style is not more characteristic than before, but also a little big? (it may also be the shooting angle)

In fact, the flesh face mm is more suitable for medium and long hair, and the hair tail is cut like her, not only modifying the face shape, but also protruding the facial features~

Ninis clothes are good-looking and everyday, but for our common people, not everyone can buy them. Intimate coke, find a cheap version for you to chop~

Key words of wearing or hairstyle

Boyish / retro / sexy waist

Pear flower head / light flax

Lisa, as the first foreign female artist in YGs history, soon became known as Barbie on earth. With her unique fashion taste and photo style, she has gained a high popularity in ins and other places~

Its the Muse who has become a new generation of Celine designer. When her beautiful facial features are matched with Celines vintage pieces, its just too harmonious~

Lisa in her daily life likes taking photos very much, and her private service style is more boyish.

Boylish casual coat

Its her most popular item~

Advanced facial features, put on boylish suit coat, unexpectedly have a kind of exotic style

Its natural to look good in anything.

So any basic sweater, wearing on Lisa, makes me want the same style (facial features)

Lisas private clothes are mostly casual and comfortable. In fact, her hair style and hair color are the most eye-catching.

Mixed race facial features, dyed

Light linen,

Double the beauty!

But Coke prefers Lisa with pear flower head cut, 167s height. In addition to beauty, she also has a strong a-gas, and she is a little French gentle when she moves around~

Lisas Vintage boylish jacket comes from Celine.

As the most popular wear and match item this year, many brands have introduced similar styles and friendly prices~

Key words of wearing or hairstyle

Girl next door / casual comfort

Medium long hair / ball head / natural black

When I saw jisoo for the first time, I thought this girl was really beautiful.

She has a kind of young sister next door, wearing bueberrys pleated skirt, but also a kind of sense of school flowers, known as Korean version of Tang Wei by fans.

Look carefully, there is Tang Weis feeling between temperament and eyebrow, but jisoo is more immature.

Many Han fans think that jisoos legs are not the thinnest of Han circle female artists (but I really think its very thin...).

Look at the scene, compare her three sisters. She has some flesh at the root of her thigh, but her calves are thin and long.

Therefore, jisoo will choose daily private service matching

Over hip skirt + sweater coat,

It just covers the meat~

Or this kind of over buttock skirt, slightly pleated hem, like wearing long legs~

Sweater Vest + shirt,

Its worth learning and learning from the little sisters way of overlapping~

Slim Top + overalls,

It can also highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

Its too young and lively to wear a hairpin~

From the beginning to now, jisoo is basically

Black, long and straight or big wave, occasionally tied up with playful balls~

Jisoos daily Private clothes are more grounded, and her fur vest is also one of the hottest pieces to be built in this winter.

Key words of wearing or hairstyle

Rebellious street style

Waist length / blonde

Rose may be the best Oriental face Ive ever seen with blonde hair.

Not long ago, when we went to the music festival, a picture of the scene of wind blowing rose was painted and exploded on the Internet. It was like a fairy!

Rose, born and raised in Australia, is an excellent English speaker. As the groups lead singer, she has an extremely recognizable voice, which is called timbre hooligan by fans. When she listens to it, she will be on the top.

It is also favored by YSL. Many performance costumes are customized by Y family. For example, these sexy and hot hip skirts, the enviable ant waist

Sexy and charming on the stage, rose in life loves the street style, wearing jeans, walking on the streets of Paris, with a special charm~

Short top + high waisted pants or skirt,

This kind of wearing method with short waist and high waist is Roses favorite. After all, good waist with beautiful clothes is more brilliant~

All kinds of shirts

Its also very suitable for the ant waist rose with blonde hair. The mature style makes her a little rebellious. The campus style is one of the soft girls.

Roses hair style is very common and waist long hair, because dyed bright blonde hair, let her originally skin white more beautiful.

But for daily hair color, office workers can only think about it.

Ive seen rose wear jeans suit, and I know from coke that jeans are timeless items, and there are no sisters in the wardrobe. Are you sure you dont want one?

Its these four girls with different personalities and styles that make up blackpink. They look sexy and charming on the stage. Its really beautiful~

More than two years since his debut, he has fans all over the world.

They try their best to dance in a row and sing new songs with high standards~