Just wear the right wide leg pants 1.6 to look like 1.7!

 Just wear the right wide leg pants 1.6 to look like 1.7!

The effect is to make enough pants, but this kind of pants really forces the editors to face their real leg length at any time, especially when they are matched with flat shoes, they feel very bad and cant even save the kind of high waist.

So the editor is very happy to see the wide leg pants make a comeback this year. Its not new to us at all. It has a lot of advantages: it can beautify the leg shape, highlight the great womans demeanor, wear it in winter, and hide the autumn pants to keep them fat. The most important thing is - Show legs long girls!

We hobbits sometimes need to pretend that they have big legs, so you who love thinking may ask, how can small girls not make wearing wide leg pants a disaster? Well, let me show you my knowledge in my little book!

The most important point: choose the high waist! There is no need to elaborate on the advantages. Under the chest are all leg experiences. Even the long leg Ma Dou are striving for them. Whats the reason for us to give up?

Secondly, the texture of wide leg pants is also very important, because the pants are loose, and they will become pajamas (and the kind that cant go out). Like the picture on the right, its suitable for watching plays in the sofa. No matter how comfortable it is, dont let it go out of the street.

If you choose suit, khaki or silk, you cant be wrong. Less conventional leather pants or jeans can also be considered.

Trouser legs also have a mind, moderate best, if too wide, high people probably dont care, big when skirt pants wear, but small short legs are dangerous. Because even if we want to wear long skirts, we will find a slit one specially. We will not do it if we destroy the proportion.

Since I chose the high waisted one, theres no reason to wear a long coat again, to cover the waistline that is not easy to get stuck, right?

Especially for the T-shirt, sweater or shirt, most people will choose to put the hem into their pants. So add some suggestions for choosing wide leg pants in autumn and winter. The waistband can be a larger size, and then you will want to plug something.

When you dont have a coat and wear it alone, whether its loose or tight, its right to plug it in.

Dont worry about the material conflict of leather shirt or anything. The color matches well. Add a belt to transition. You can also wear it with wide leg pants.

Thickness is not so suitable for the plug, you can only focus on the navel area, in a word, everything is for the proportion.

Theres also this skinny exclusive way of wearing: its really fashionable to stuff a suit directly into your pants. Editors have seen many bloggers play like this. Now this season, the suit can be used as the base coat, and a thick overcoat cover is added outside, which is also established.

However, this kind of built-in suit style should not be too cumbersome. Even if you have confidence in your own figure, you should definitely bypass the oversize one. It seems that if you dont talk about bulging and bulging, you will also wear a large effect of strong upper body and wide lower body.

If you dont like to tuck it into your pants, you can wear high waisted tops that are just the length of your pants, but these coats are better to have their own small personality. They are not afraid of playing too much, but they are afraid of being too mediocre.

Coupled with the most unexpected necklace and shoes accessories, these details are a conflict and harmonious fashion point.

Or wear the belly directly, it is also a positive solution.

In the areas where the temperature is not allowed, efforts can be made to select the material of the open top and the long coat. But then again, are we still doing less about the beautiful and frozen things?

And most of those above are at the bottom-up stage. You can add a variety of long or more than one coat to make it beautiful for the winter.

Finish the top matching, the editor will choose shoes with you. Although the length of wide leg pants is there, most shoes cant escape the fate of incomplete display, but this doesnt mean that we can choose blindly.

High heels are the gold partner of wide legged pants, with unlimited height. As long as the pants are long enough, no one knows you are walking on stilts inside. But there is a problem to be noted, that is, the shape of the exposed part of the shoes, it is better to take some photos with the pants.

No matter high heel or flat heel, pointed shoes have stretching effect, so this is the first choice for many people. Just in the past two years, the heat of pointy ankle boots is still there. Its just right to wear them in wide legged pants. Make sure you look sharp and capable.

There is a risk that if the trousers are too wide and too long and the shoes cant be exposed, the effect of the picture above will appear. Its fashionable to put on photos in fashion week, but its painful and cumbersome in daily life.

As a thick soled shoes enthusiast, the editor should take the opportunity to talk with you about this combination. It is much more comfortable than high-heeled shoes. It also has its own retro local cool factor, which can neutralize the too formal temperament of wide legged pants.

The most important thing is that the thick soled shoes have been criticized for looking too bulky. Hide their volume in the wide leg pants, and they will really be light visually.

This years fire was specially written by the editor before, but many people said that this kind of boots is not friendly to the leg shape, and fashion experts also found it, so they have the wearing method of wide leg pants and knee boots (dont tell me that its like going to the field and farming please). Although the driving difficulty is not low, more and more people are really wearing it.

It needs to be reminded that the pants should have a good sag, and the legs should not be too wide, and the boots should have a proper shape, which makes them look smooth and handsome.

The compromise is not without it. The boots are lower and the driving difficulty is lower. Your Martin and Chelsea boots can be used.

When we finish talking about the shoe shape, we have to talk about the platitude of color matching. The simplest way is to follow the color, pants and shoes. Its a safety card.

Or the whole body is a color, highly unified to create a sense of harmony.

You can also make the shoes follow the color of the single product other than the pants, such as matching the jacket.

Or with the accessories on the same color, is also an interesting way to play.

Because you abide by the law of echo, you can try some powerful colors, not only not abrupt, but also show that you have profound matching skills.

As usual, the editor will list some clothes that may not be so easy to understand at the end, in order to show you how people will wear when they play with flowers and expand their thinking. As for those that cant be borrowed, its up to you.

Gimmick 1: tie your trouser legs, another way of wearing what you say is suitable for farming in the fields. Bloggers love it or not.

Its not good to tie pant legs thin, so you have to tie wide leg pant legs.

Trick 2: add a skirt. Dont you think pants are just bottoms? Yes, fashion experts dont think its enough. They will add a skirt.

This skirt has to have fashion attributes, which makes people look sharp.

Gimmick 3: the pants are long enough to transform into sweeping monk and contract the whole street.

If you choose this way of wearing, you cant worry about your pants or the streets. You just need to stride forward. Obsessive compulsive and puritanical patients will be very difficult.

Well, this years practical and impractical way of wearing wide leg pants is here. Tell us, how do you match the wide leg pants?